Reference 2019-695

REF:            2019-695

Subject:        Print Services



Please can you assist me through the Freedom of Information act in providing the following information please:

  1. Please state the number of printing devices currently in use within the organization; including MFDs, single function printers, photocopiers and print room devices?
  2. What percentage of your fleet is in colour vs mono?
  3. In terms of usage, what is your annual page volumes for both mono &colour?
  4. Who are the main manufacturers for the MFDs/photocopiers/printers/Print production devices in use at the Trust?
  5. Who are the main supplier(s) of printer consumables (Toner, spares, etc)?
  6. Who is your preferred channel partner, if any?
  7. What is the approximate spend on printers, photocopying agreements, leases and/or rentals and service charges during the last financial year?
  8. What is the length of the MFD and print room device contracts?
  9. What are the start and end dates for all the printers/MFDs/Print room devices in your organization?
  10. Which procurement route or framework was used to procure this service and what Framework would the college expect to use next?
  11. The named person and their role in your organization who is in charge of the procurement for printing and any managed print contracts.
  12. Does the Trust use any Print/Document Management software, what is its name and who supplies it and when does the current contract end?





Please find information attached.

2019-695 – FOI request – Print Services [110 kb] PDF