Reference 2019-712

REF:            2019-712

Subject:        Intuitive Surgical – DaVinci Robot



  1. How many Intuitive Surgical DaVinci Robots do you have in your Trust and which  model are they? i.e DaVinci Si, X, XI, SP etc.
  2. How many and which procedures did you complete with each model of DaVinci robot in the last 3 financial years and year to do date?
  3. Which surgeons use the Da Vinci Robot in your Trust?
  4. What is your total spend by financial year for the last two years with Initiative Surgical with the following product codes:-


Model Number            Item Description

420179                         Hot Shears (Monopolar Curved Scissors)

420110                         PreCise Bipolar Forceps

420121                         Fine Tissue Forceps

420171                         Micro Bipolar Forceps

420172                         Maryland Bipolar Forceps

420204                         Atrial Retractor

420205                         Fenestrated Bipolar Forceps

420227                         PK® Dissecting Forceps

420246                         Atrial Retractor Short Right

420249                         Dual Blade Retractor

420344                         Curved Bipolar Dissector

420003                         Small Clip Applier

420006                         Large Needle Driver

420033                         Black Diamond Micro Forceps

420048                         Long Tip Forceps

420093                         ProGrasp Forceps

420157                         Snap-fit™ Scalpel Instrument

420181                         Resano Forceps

420190                         Cobra Grasper

420194                         Mega Needle Driver

420203                         Pericardial Dissector

420207                         Tenaculum Forceps

420215                         Cardiac Probe Grasper

420278                         Graptor (Grasping Retractor)

420296                         Large SutureCut™ Needle Driver

420309                         Mega™ SutureCut™ Needle Driver

420318                         Small Graptor (Grasping Retractor)

420001                         Potts Scissors

420007                         Round Tip Scissors

420036                         DeBakey Forceps

420049                         Cadiere Forceps

420178                         Curved Scissors

420183                         Permanent Cautery Hook

420184                         Permanent Cautery Spatula

420189                         Double Fenestrated Grasper

420192                         Valve Hook

420230                         Large Clip Applier

420327                         Medium-Large Clip Applier




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