Reference 2019-84

REF:           2019-84

Subject:       Pressure Sores



1. The total number of patients cared for during 12 months between 01/11/2017 and 01/11/2018


Day Case


Grand Total


2. Number of inpatients that developed bed sores, pressure sores or pressure ulcers for the twelve months between: 01/11/2017 and 01/11/2018


3. Total number of pressure sore incidents by grade, not number of patients, as some patients may develop more than one pressure ulcers between: 01/11/2017 and 01/11/2018

Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4


Purple Discoloration


4. The proportion of these pressure sores that were new, and had therefore occurred since admission to hospital.


5. The number of patients admitted from residential or nursing homes with pressure sores.


6. The number of death certificates in this period on which pressure sores were mentioned.




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