Reference 2019-87

REF:           2019-87

Subject:       Sexual health service complaints



Could I please have data on the number of complaints filed to your Trust about sexual health services between 2013-present. Could these please be organised by type of complaint and year. Could I also please be informed of how many complaints were dealt with and acted on.




2013 Category Number of complaints
Complications of surgery / procedure 1
Failure to follow agreed procedure 1
Wrong diagnosis 1
Total 3
2014 Attitude of admin staff 1
Total 1
2015 Attitude of doctor 1
Pain relief ineffective 1
Total 2
2016 Lack of information 1
Long wait in OPD 1
Total 2
2017 Appointment – delay in receiving 1
Attitude of admin staff 1
Decisions about clinical treatment 1
Follow up care / referrals 1
Ineffective communication 1
Total 5
2018 Ineffective communication 1
Total 1
2019 Complications of surgery / procedure 1
Total 1
All complaints documented were dealt with and acted on.

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