Reference 2019-93

REF:           2019-93

Subject:       Recycling employer pension contributions



1. Do you have a policy (written or unwritten) by which one of your employees who is leaving the NHS Pension Scheme may be able to receive after leaving the scheme payment(s) equivalent to or calculated in relation to the employer pension contributions which you, as the NHS Employer, would have paid to his/her pension had they not left the scheme?

2. If you, as the NHS Employer, do not have such a policy, did you used to have one or do you intend to implement one? If you intend to implement such a policy, when do you expect that the policy will be implemented?

3. If you, as the NHS Employer, do have such a policy, how many doctors and how many non doctors that you employ have benefitted from it by receiving payments under it?

4. What are the policy criteria for establishing employees’ eligibility to receive such payments? Please provide a copy of the policy or any other documents evidencing the eligibility criteria and rules.



Not applicable. The Trust follows National Terms and Conditions, details of these can be accessed at the following link: