Reference 2020-164

REF:            2020-164

Subject:        BOLD Revolutions




1 What the contract/s was for

2 What the value of the contract was

3 Length of the contract and when it took place

4 How the contract was secured (eg public tender or other and if not public tender, other, what that process was)

5 Details of the work carried out by Bold Revolutions eg if it was to save money, what steps did the company recommend or what measures did it help put in place?

6 Did Bold Revolutions recommend installation of a new IT or computer system?

7 If yes to question 6, above, please give details of its supplier and maker, what part of your operation the new system was for and any additional costs.




We have placed one Purchase Order with Bold Revolutions and I only have the description as below and value.


It was not tendered but waivered as per the SFI’s.


PO dated 19/1/18

Consultancy fees, Turnaround Director.

Rate is 1750 per day including all expenses and VAT.

Undertaking an urgent review of the senior team within Acute Adult Division.

Not to exceed 10 days.

CN: BFT17/18-W311

Value: £14,583.33 + vat


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