Reference 2020-182

REF:            2020-182

Subject:        Screening and Treatment of Iron Deficiency anaemia




I would like to request information regarding the screening and treatment of iron deficiency anaemia in patients listed for major elective blood loss surgery.

In the last 12 months available data, how many patients listed for major elective blood loss surgery were screened 6 weeks prior to the procedure for iron deficiency anaemia? How many patients were not?

Of the patients who were screened and anaemia was present had serum ferritin levels tested?

Of those patients diagnosed with iron-deficiency anaemia, how many were offered appropriate iron treatment?

Below are the OPCS codes to be considered when reviewing major elective blood loss surgery:

K453      W373     M022

K262      W383     L294

K255      W384     L601

H072      W374     L593

H333      Q074      L194

H071      Q075      L295

H336      W403     W371

H073      W402     W381

H074      M025     W941

M341     M021     W401

M343     M039




We are unable to complete this – We can pull how many patients have had the OPCS codes, but the screening and offer of treatment is not something we can get, this will involve a manual review of the records and will take more than 2.5 days to retrieve the information.


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