Family History Clinic

The Family History Clinic is led by a specialist nurse practitioner in breast care who counsels and advises individuals who have concerns about their risk of developing breast cancer due to a family history. Individuals are assessed to try and identify if there is an inherited risk of developing breast cancer on the basis of their family history and given information and support relevant to their needs.

The treatment programmes involve:

  • A family tree / pedigree is drawn up and other factors associated with risk are discussed.  These include age, gender, hormonal and lifestyle choices.
  • Breast examination and breast awareness is offered and discussed and appropriate surveillance in the form of mammography is arranged on an individual basis.
  • Identification of high risk patients or those with a complex family history may necessitate further referral to the Regional Genetic Centre in Manchester for further counselling and discussion.
  • If breast cancer is diagnosed, the patient is referred to a consultant breast surgeon in the department.


Support to Professionals

Referrals can be made by letter or via Choose and Book. Referral letters should be directed to:

Angela Duckworth
Breast Nurse Practitioner (Family History Clinic)
Bolton Breast Unit
Royal Bolton Hospital
Minerva Road

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