What will happen?

Most children will feel a bit nervous about coming to see us for the first time.   But most of the time you will feel ok once you have met one of us.  We really look forward to meeting you.


What will happen the first time?


The first time you come to see us we will ask your mum, dad or a carer to come with you so that we can get to know you all. 


CAMHS waiting room

Our waiting room

You will come into the waiting room and then one of our team will come out to meet you.   They will go with all of you into another room so that you can talk.  We will ask you about your family and friends, about school and about the things that you like and any worries you might have.  You and your mum, dad or carer can ask us questions too. 


There will be toys for you to play with and pens and pencils for you to use.  We know that you may be a bit shy so we do not expect you to tell us everything on your first visit. 


Before you come, you could write down things you want to say and things you want to ask, and bring them with you.   


After we have talked we will agree with all of you how we can help you.

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