What will happen next?

After your first visit we may want to find out more about you to help us decide what we can do to help you, so we might talk to your teacher at school or to other people you know.  We may ask you to come and meet another person in our team but we would talk to you and your mum, dad or carer first.


CAMHS day unit artwork

Childrens Artwork

If we can help you, we will ask you to come back again.  This might be to see the whole family, or to talk to you on your own, or to your mum, dad or carer on their own.  Sometimes we also think about whether medicine might help.


You may miss school when you come to see us, but your teachers understand this.  You don’t have to tell anyone else that you are coming, or why, if you don’t want to.


Each time we meet you we will talk about how you are feeling and if things are getting better for you.  We will agree when you will stop coming to see us.

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