Who do we help?
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Children come to see us because someone they know is a bit worried about them and they think that we may be able to help.  This could be your mum or dad, your carer, a doctor or your school.


Children may come to see us about lots of things.  We have made a list of some of them:

  • you may be finding it hard to get on with other children
  • you may be worried about problems at school or at home
  • you may be worried, or feel sad and you or your parents don’t know why
  • you may be finding it hard to eat or sleep
  • you may be finding it hard to talk to other people
  • you may have been treated badly or have been really frightened by something that has happened
  • you may do things that other children find hard to understand.

Lots of other people can help with these things too. You could speak to your school nurse, youth worker or another professional. We are here to help when things get really bad. Please see our contacts page for other people that can support you.

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