Acute Nursing

The acute children’s community nursing team is based at Breightmet Health Centre, Bolton, though we cover the whole of Bolton.  We deliver care at the family home, clinics and nursery or school for children from birth to 16 years.

Children's Community Nursing Acute TeamThe nursing staff are highly skilled, with specialist knowledge of acutely unwell children.  Assistant practitioners are also part of the team delivering high quality care in clinics.

We accept referrals from accident and emergency and assessment and observation units, GPs, paediatricians (specialist doctors for babies and children) and advanced nurse practitioners/specialist nurses. We accept referrals by fax, letter or email.

Aims of the Team:

  • To prevent attendance  at and admission to hospital
  • To  provide a high quality, flexible and responsive nursing service to help  bring about much earlier hospital discharge for children and young people with serious illnesses
  • To help the unwell child remain at home
  • To increase acute referrals from GPs and deflect admission to hospital
  • To support GPs with the acutely unwell child by offering home support, observations and monitoring
  • To respond promptly to GP/paediatrician referrals who request review within four hours.

The acute children’s community nursing team focuses on providing a complete community service for children and young people.  The children’s community nurse’s role includes expert clinical care, education, training, emotional support and decision making.

Nurses in this role will:

  • Plan, implement and evaluate care and treatment in the community
  • Deliver nursing care – examples of this include:
    • Assessing acutely unwell children who have illnesses such as breathing and digestive problems
    • Wound care
    • Intravenous (administered into a vein) medications
    • Support and empower parents to care for their sick child at home
    • Work with all members of the multi-disciplinary team (MDT) such as social care, primary care and secondary care practitioners
  • Contribute to the safeguarding of children and young people.

The acute nursing team also holds a number of clinics.

Visitor restrictions

To protect you and our staff during the current outbreak of Covid-19 we’ve put in place significant restrictions on hospital visitors.

Full details of these can be found on our website.

We would like to thank you for your understanding and helping us stop the spread of Covid-19.

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