This video is a short film about age related macular degeneration, a condition affecting a number of patients who visit the Eye Unit. It includes interviews with patients and leading Ophthalmology Consultant Mr Simon Kelly.



It is always rewarding to receive positive feedback from our patients and we are always aiming to improve the quality of services that we provide. Please find below some of the comments we have had from our patients.


Many thanks!

“I was treated with courtesy and respect by all the doctors and nurses. Even though it was a routine operation to them, they understood that it was a bit scary for me, and they answered all my questions carefully. I had full confidence in their abilities. The department seemed to me to be run very efficiently. It is only 7 days since I had the cataract operation, yet the vision in my eye is already better than it was before. Many, many thanks!!!”

Posted on NHS Choices on 27 January 2020


So grateful

 “I had a freak accident which caused a laceration to my cornea and sclera. It was thought that I may lose my eye. Within hours of my getting to A&E a team was put together headed by the consultant to perform an emergency surgery to save my eye and vision. I am ever so grateful for the hard work of the teams in the Eye Clinic and ward and HDU for looking after me. I know they will say it is their job, but to me they are miracle workers. Thank you ever so much.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 22 January 2020


My experience

“Visited with my 88 year old mother in respect of an eye occlusion. The consultant was very attentive and patient. He favoured a shared decision on how to proceed and was happy to keep monitoring my mother, which put her mind at ease and built confidence in the consultant.”

 Posted on NHS Choices on 05 December 2019


Excellent care

“I had to attend as an emergency and got an appointment very quickly. The consultants I initially saw were very professional and caring. I have had a follow up visit and again was treated with respect and the consultant patiently explained everything and answered my questions. Referral to the Manchester hospital has been speedy from Bolton. I feel happy that my care has been handled in a friendly and professional manner with all the staff from reception, photography, scanning and consultants having my best interests at the focus of their service. Well done RBH.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 16 October 2019


My visit to eye clinic

“All the staff were friendly, helpful and put me at ease. My questions were answered and there was little waiting around.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 19 September 2019


Excellent service

“Can’t say anything bad about my visits here. Excellent staff and service. Hardly any waiting around.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 29 August 2010


First visit to Waters Meeting Health Centre

“I was highly impressed with the friendly, professional and caring staff. Explanation and reassurance prevailed throughout my time in the eye department. There was a calm atmosphere which ensure that diagnostics test were carried out in a timely and efficient manner- there was little waiting around. I cannot recommend this Health Centre enough.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 30 August 2019


Excellent services provided by the eye unit

“I attended Bolton Hospital’s eye unit on Thursday 08th Aug. 2019 and found all staff dealt with me to be very professional. All of them explained me the procedures they were doing beforehand and put me ease as possible they could. I do not have any reservations of recommending this unit to anyone who will expect to get treatments from them. Best wishes.”

Posted on NHS Choices 09 August 2019


Excellent experience at Eye Unit

“I have been attending the Eye Unit at Bolton for a number of years, mainly for treatment for wet macular degeneration. I have had many eye injections and attended clinics afterwards. I found every member of staff I encountered to be extremely pleasant, courteous and efficient. On the rare occasion I have needed to change an appointment, I have never been made to feel a nuisance – staff have done their best to help. The nurses and doctors I have encountered are always so pleasant, cheerful and helpful and do their utmost to try not to keep patients any longer than absolutely necessary. I always feel put at ease and have my treatment and prognosis explained clearly.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 24 July 2019


Excellent Service

“Excellent service today in the upper floor eye clinic. Professional, thorough and on time. Thank you and keep up the good work!”

Posted on NHS Choices on 17 July 2019


Hats off to the staff and prompt service

“Treatment here is always very prompt, no waiting for hours and like my last visit this week when seen by the doctor very informative and professional. The NHS deserves 5 stars for all the staff at Bolton eye unit.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 13 July 2019


Excellent care 

“I brought my teenage daughter for an appointment following a referral from the opticians. My daughter was nervous about what might happen during the appointment but the care she received from the first contact to the end of the appointment with all the different people she saw was excellent. The consultant put her at ease and explained everything she was doing. She took time to chat to my daughter and we couldn’t not have asked for better relations, many thanks.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 05 June 2019


Glaucoma Evaluation

“I went to the Glaucoma Evaluation Clinic at Waters Meeting Health Centre on the 5th April. The service was excellent and the whole process took about an hour as I was informed it would. The staff were very friendly and courteous and explained the tests as I went through them. On the basis of my experience, I would recommend this clinic to anyone.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 14 May 2019


“Second visit here and very pleased with the standard of care, treatment and professionalism of all the staff I came into contact with. Appointment time was spot on and the tests/examinations were quick and efficient. The staff made everything easy to understand what was happening and put any concerns or fears to rest. Appointment took less than an hour from start to finish.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 30 April 2019


“I was referred to the eye clinic at Royal Bolton as an emergency from my optician, the care I received was second to none, from start to finish, and the surgeon was excellent as were all the team. Thank you so much to all involved.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 24 April 2019


“I cannot praise highly enough all the staff I met on my visit. I was seen within five minutes of my appointment time and was treated with the utmost respect and courtesy. Everything was explained to me in a comprehensive and professional manner. The time passed relatively quickly and in no time at all it seems, I was on my way with a date for my operation and plenty of relevant information. Perhaps, and maybe of more importance, is the air of calm and efficiency that gives nervous patients confidence. All in all I had a very positive experience in what can be a stressful situation.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 10 April 2019


Superb Service

“I recently had a cataract removed at Bolton eye unit, the experience was first class from start to finish. Staff was friendly, helpful, nothing was too much trouble. I had a pre assessment firstly where everything was explained in full as to what the procedure entailed and then was given a surgery appointment within 2 weeks, excellent.

Surgery went well and I was given tea and biscuits whilst the staff explained in full the usual do’s and don’ts. Then I was courteously escorted outside to my transport. I cannot praise highly enough the treatment given. I now await my next eye surgery.”

Posted on NHS Choices 11 April 2019


“I went for a glaucoma test and was seen more or less at the time of the appointment by extremely friendly and efficient staff both at reception and in the individual consulting rooms. The rooms and reception seemed to be very clean and tidy with very few waiting.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 11 April 2019


“I wanted to comment on a recent appointment I attended at the eye unit clinic . The whole experience was swift and timely from the eye testing to photography to seeing the consultant. All staff were polite and informative in particular time was provided by the consultant to ask questions and discuss my condition.
In a resource constrained NHS my appointment was dealt with in a proficient and systematic way but was personalised to my needs. I wish all my appointments were this timely. The staff are a credit to the Trust.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 25 March 2019


“I have been treated for the last couple of years at the Eye unit in Bolton Hospital. Every single person involved in that prices from consultants to the specialist nurses giving injections to those giving tests or scans to the delightful receptionists has been marvellous. I can only say they made a difficult process easy to bear and treated me extremely well.”

Posted on NHS Choices 18 March 2019


Cataract surgery

“I attended the eye unit recently for cataract surgery. It was amazing; the staff are brilliant and so friendly and caring. The theatre staff were amazing. I was quite nervous but was made to feel calm and cannot wait to have my other eye done.

The results were astonishing as for years it had seemed as though I was looking through a dirty window and then someone had come and cleaned it. Thank you so much to all the staff and also to one particular surgeon.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 4 March 2019


“As a long term glaucoma patient at RBH, I made my first assessment attendance at Waters Meeting today with some trepidation. However, I found the visit to be most enjoyable. The premises are first class, the staff friendly, very professional and informative, from the initial reception through all the following assessment stages. Every aspect deserves the highest praise, and fully complements the excellence of the Eye Unit at RBH. Very many thanks!!”

Posted on NHS Choices on 3 March 2019



Delighted with the fantastic team members that I have met

“Now partially through my course of treatment which hopefully together with the fantastic team on H2 will be a complete success. Many thanks to the wonderful staff that I met on every appointment for their care, explanations and specialised treatments all given with a calm smiling and helpful attitude throughout. Well done to a great skilled team and Thank you.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 19 February 2019


“I have been a patient at RBH Eye Unit since 12th March 2016.when I was diagnosed with wet AMD in my right eye; it is now bilateral. During this time I have received the utmost courtesy, sensitivity and professional care from your dedicated team of Ophthalmologists, nursing and support staff.

 To date I have received a total of 14 injections of Leventis and I know that my eyesight will continue to be monitored and treated for as long as is necessary, which is a great comfort to me. Thank you everyone at Royal Bolton Eye Unit and Waters Meeting Health Centre for your excellent service on my behalf.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 14th February 2019


“Contacted by the dept within 48 hours of my options finding an issue. Two weeks later seen by them, my appointment was at 9:00 and treatment started on time, at all times during the treatment my questions were answered fully.”

Posted on NHS Choices 4th February 2019


“Today I had to visit the eye unit for an assessment re cataracts and found that the staff were absolutely brilliant. Every stage of the assessment was explained to me and then I was given time to ask any questions. I had to see several people but the delay in between each interview was very short I was seen on time and had been informed that the assessment would take up to 2 hours but I was there less time than that, what a pleasant visit.”

Posted on NHS Choices 30 January 2019


“Visited the Royal Bolton ophthalmic diabetic eye clinic today Saturday 12th January 2019. For a 9.45am appointment.We arrived early as usual at 9.00am and the staff and Doctors were extremely helpful and courteous. Every part of the appointment was completed in a professional, friendly and efficient manner. The clinic and examination areas were extremely clean and tidy.

The Doctor I saw was very friendly and explained everything as she examined my eyes. And answered all my question fully and put me at ease from the start. We left the department after 40 minutes a full 5 minutes before my appointment time and still had time for a breakfast in the canteen. Very nice sausage barm!”

Posted on NHS Choices on 12th January 2019


“I attended the eye unit at Waters Meeting Health Centre for an annual check-up for the first time today. My check-ups have previously been carried out at the Royal Bolton Eye unit. I must say that I was very impressed with my experience at Waters Meeting and it compared very favourably with the ‘main eye unit’

 All the staff that dealt with me were very polite, courteous and knowledgeable. It was much quicker and generally more pleasant and relaxed. Waters Meeting would be my preferred option from now on.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 10th January 2019


Waters Meeting Health Centre

“This is my first visit to Waters Meeting Eye Clinic. I was impressed by the friendliness and professionalism of the staff. They explained the process of the various tests clearly and in detail. For example on the field vision test, I was told to blink normally, and told why. A simple thing , but at previous tests at opticians and other hospitals I have tended to stare at the screen in case I missed any dots .The wait between tests was minimal , and I was out in no time. No need to wait for results, as a letter will be sent to my GP. Brilliant!”

Posted on 04 January 2019


“I had an appointment in the Glaucoma Clinic today. My treatment was excellent, and in the process of my tests it was found that I needed to see a consultant whose care and attention was excellent. Consequently I was advised on what treatment I needed and the consultant needed to discuss the next step with the doctor from the Remedial Retina unit, who saw me immediately.

In summation the care from everyone was outstanding, and although I cannot say I am looking forward to the procedures, I feel that I will be in good hands. Thank You”

Posted on NHS Choices 28th November 2018


“I attended yesterday for Day Surgery under General Anaesthetic in Ward H2. I just wish to thank and commend all the staff I had contact with yesterday, both consultants, the other theatre and anaesthesia staff and the ward staff. All were friendly, caring and informative and made my short time with them as pleasant as possible. Thank you all.

 I also visit the Orthoptist team regularly and they too provide the hihest standards of care.

I have been a patient at the Eye Unit for more than 20 years and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone in need of eye care.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 11th December 2018


“After waiting some considerable time for an appointment with the unit I have today been to the glaucoma unit at Waters meeting road and felt that I had to mention the wonderful care and politeness that I received from start to finish by the nursing staff and the lady consultant who explained everything in detail regarding my treatment and future cataract surgery which put me at ease immensely. Top marks to all the staff.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 10th December 2018


“The department is incredibly well organised and it is a real pleasure to have treatment in a department where all the staff are happy and fulfilled.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 21st November 2018


“I attended the Bolton royal A&E department on Wednesday the 22nd November 2018 with an eye problem and was the care was excellent, and then I was told I would have to see an eye specialist which would be the following day at 9am. I must say the specialist I saw was superb explained everything to me and what the problem was which was basically inflammation at the front of the eye, gave my eyes a good examination then gave me eye for three weeks and then I go back to the eye clinic. Excellent service.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 25 November 2018


Watersmeet Health Centre Ophthalmic Clinic

“This was the first time I have attended this glaucoma clinic and it was wonderful. I usually go to Bolton Royal, which is good, but this was so unlike the normal hospital situation. The three ophthalmic professionals I met were warm, friendly and helpful and made me feel relaxed. Each one of them listened to me , answered my questions and reassured me – especially the lady who did my fields vision test – thank you again! I have nothing but praise for the whole of the Royal Bolton ophthalmic department and have recommended it to friends with eye problems, and will continue to do so”

Posted on NHS Choices on 2nd November 2018


Eye Unit, Bolton Royal Hospital

“I woke up 8 November with a sore red eye, went to pharmacy advised i had conjunctivitis. Was given drops, this did not get any better so went to RBH A+E first thing 11 November. After triage and consultation with an AP was advised to come back that day to see the On Call Ophthalmologist.

The lady I saw was lovely and put me at ease, after a thorough check-up she said she thought I had a severe eye infection and gave me 2 sets of drops, she told me she would make me a follow up appointment in the Eye Clinic. Today I have been to that appointment. I was well looked after by all staff and was seen by the Ophthalmologist. He immediately put me at ease; there was a student with him that was no problem. He gave me a thorough check up, explaining each step. He advised me that I needed no further treatment, he said if there was a recurrence to make an appointment with him via his secretary.

Eyes are very precious, I went in the Eye Clinic this morning very worried, but came out very happy.. Thank you :)”

Posted on NHS Choices in November 2018


“I was referred to the Eye Unit after a visit to my optician as I had been having a problem with my left eye. I received a call from the Eye Unit the day after visiting my optician with an appointment 3 days later at the hospital. I found the doctors and staff extremely kind and professional and after various tests I had a diagnosis of CRVO (non-ischemic). I have had two eye injections one month apart so far (the first only 1 week after my visit to the optician) and had a follow-up appointment with the consultant today with an eye scan. The injections have shown good results and I have noticed an improvement already so much so that my next injection has been cancelled. I have a follow up appointment in 6 weeks time to check there is still an improvement and will be monitored. Many thanks to all the staff at the Eye Unit.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 6th November 2018


Excellent service, thank you

“I have attended the Glaucoma Clinic several times in the last year and have had YAG laser treatments x2. The clinics are run very efficiently, I was seen very promptly at my appointment times and all members of staff have been friendly and helpful. Thank you.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 8th November 2018


Left Branch Retinal Vein Occlusion

“During the past few years I have had treatment for a left branch retinal vein occlusion, a bleed at the back of the left eye at The Royal Bolton Hospital eye department.

Throughout this time the treatment was first class by truly professional people. I was treated with courtesy and compassion through out my many visits.

I am most grateful to the consultant and his colleagues for their effort in the saving of my left eye. My visits included six ozurdex injections A type of bead injected into the eye at six monthly intervals, expert laser treatment and a cataracts removal all on the same eye. I might add that throughout my whole treatment there was to my surprise no pain. Bolton is indeed lucky to have such an eye hospital.

Best Wishes to Bolton Eye Hospital”

Posted on NHS Choices in November 2018


Friendly and professional staff

“Just a note to say thank you to staff who saw me yesterday. Friendly manner whilst treating me with professionalism and expediency that makes a worrying experience easier to cope with.
Another reason to be proud of our NHS!”

Posted on NHS Choices in November 2018


My treatment for Uveitis

“Under the hospitals care for the above problem, from the-moment of arrival everyone was very professional and courteous. The various tests were performed and all information electronically delivered back to the Doctors. My consultant was very thorough and explained each step of the treatment with clarity empathy”

Posted on NHS Choices in November 2018


Waters Meeting Health Centre Glaucoma Clinic

“This was the first time I have attended this glaucoma clinic and it was wonderful. I usually go to Bolton Royal, which is good, but this was so unlike the normal hospital situation. The three ophthalmic professionals I met were warm, friendly and helpful and made me feel relaxed. Each one of them listened to me, answered my questions and reassured me – especially the lady who did my fields vision test – thank you again! I have nothing but praise for the whole of the Royal Bolton ophthalmic department and have recommended it to friends with eye problems, and will continue to do so.”

Posted on NHS Choices 2nd November 2018


“I was referred to the Eye Unit after a visit to my optician as I had been having a problem with my left eye. I received a call from the Eye Unit the day after visiting my optician with an appointment 3 days later at the hospital. I found the doctors and staff extremely kind and professional and after various tests I had a diagnosis of CRVO (non-ischemic). I have had two eye injections one month apart so far (the first only 1 week after my visit to the optician) and had a follow-up appointment with the consultant today with an eye scan. The injections have shown good results and I have noticed an improvement already, so much so that my next injection has been cancelled. I have a follow up appointment in 6 weeks’ time to check there is still an improvement and will be monitored. Many thanks to all the staff at the Eye Unit.”

Posted on NHS Choices 6th November 2018


Macular degeneration review

“I attended on 8 October for review. The staff were very attentive and the consultant, who had a medical student with him, checked that I was happy for the student to be there during the consultation. I was able to see the scan that had been taken and given an explanation as to what further treatment would/may be beneficial. I was totally satisfied with how things were handled in the department. On leaving I was able to make arrangements for the further procedure that had been recommended.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 09th October 2018


Laser treatment

“My sister and I were very pleased with the courtesy and kindness with which our elderly father (who is approaching a milestone birthday) was treated. The consultant and his team worked together “after hours” to perform laser capsulotomy in both eyes; the treatment was successful and dad’s eyesight has greatly improved. We could not have asked for a better service and we were very impressed with the team’s dedication and expertise. Grateful thanks to all.”



“Following diagnosis of Basil Cell skin cancer located on both eyes, I underwent Mohs surgery at Salford Royal, followed by reconstructive surgery at Bolton Royal Eye Clinic on 1st March 2018. To have surgery on your eyes is devastating, but the surgical teams at both hospitals have been amazing especially at Bolton, where I had my reconstructive surgery. The staff team are wonderful; supportive, reassuring, warm and professional. I have received world-class healthcare under our wonderful NHS and I will be forever grateful to all concerned. The NHS at 70 is an institution that belongs to us all, and I will fight to keep it from privatisation. I am a patient, not a customer. Private profit should be nowhere near healthcare. NHS systems, expertise and procedures have been built up and strengthened over the past 70 years. To dismantle them by outsourcing, in my opinion is nothing less than criminal and needs to be challenged by the highest court in the land. Many thanks to the marvellous staff at Bolton; I have every faith in them. Long may they continue in to the future, to the great benefit of all concerned?”

Posted on NHS Choices July 2018


Great Consultants. Excellent Care

“I suffered a CVRO in November 2017. The team under the consultant are excellent. Initially I had an issue with a locum but that was resolved by a member of staff. The nurses under the ward sister were and still are fantastic. Always smiling, caring and will take time out to explain every procedure on the day.

The nurses who put the eye drops in before the consultations and take tests are amazing on this department. Nothing is ever too much trouble for them, they will try and accommodate as best they can with any requests. I met with the consultant on the 11/6/18 to explore the Laser option. Initially I was very sceptical over having this. But all my concerns were swiftly allayed by him, he took the time to read all my notes in great detail, he explained all my past scans, results, and took time to help me understand the medical jargon in respect to my treatment. He did further tests and decided that I could avoid the laser treatment at the present time and be observed for a period of time as I was making good progress. He did not rush me and answered all the questions I had. His lovely calm and professional mannerism put me at ease totally and I left the department on a high. He requested some repeat tests and the lovely receptionist always tries to accommodate you with times and dates to fit in around work.

My only criticism would be that If it were possible it would be nice to have some continuity when it came to further appointments as you may not see the same consultant again. I personally have not had an issue as I had the same consultant until he left and then I was seen by other lovely consultants. Amazing team of people. Thank you.”


Bolton NHS Eye Clinic

“I suffer from type 2 diabetes and eye damage is a related complication. The damage has been quickly identified and a prompt treatment regime started. At all stages I have been dealt with in a sympathetic manner and been given an informed basis for the route to be followed. ALL the staff have been professional and caring. Their passion for their job is clear to see. Some patients may be ungrateful. My gratitude should make up for them. Thank you all.”

Posted on 5th May 2018


Suspected Retinoblastoma

“When our 3 month old displayed a white glow of the retina in several pictures taken with a smart phone we sought out a referral for suspected retinoblastoma.

 We were referred to The Eye Department at The Royal Bolton. After sending through a picture to the consultant we were seen within 24 hours. This was only 4 days from seeing our GP for the referral.

 We are very grateful that we were able to be seen so quickly. The doctor and nurse showed great compassion and care in examining our very young daughter who was obviously upset.

They helped to put us at ease during a very worrying and stressful appointment. I was able to breastfeed to calm our little girl down so that the doctor could get a clear view of her dilated pupil and the retina. Being able to comfort our baby in the only way she knows while having the necessary examination carried out made the appointment a much more positive experience while emotions were running high.

 We had a positive outcome with no need for further investigation. The examination and results were explained clearly to us and our questions and worry were addressed professionally and in clear layman terms.

 We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the department and consultant should another family find themselves in the situation we were in. We are very grateful for the care we receive for the wonderful NHS department.”

 Posted on NHS Choices on 16 April 2018



“Check-up appointment with the consultant. Staff attention was excellent and efficient with minimal waiting time. The consultant took great care to clearly update my mother on her dry AMD condition, allowing a good deal of time for us to ask questions.”

Posted on Patient Opinion website


First Class Treatment Again

“I have visited this department several times due to complications from rheumatoid arthritis, viz: uveitis. On each occasion I was referred by my. GP in the morning, treated in the afternoon and home again with the medication by the evening. The examination was always thorough with a full explanation at every stage. If I ever needed further information the consultant’s secretary in particular was always forthcoming and always promptly.

I was always made welcome by every member of staff. This was particularly valuable when for the last three months I had difficulty with mobility. No matter what time of what was obviously a very busy day the warmth of the welcome from the consultant and his whole team and the trouble everyone went to never varied. The Bolton Unit enjoys the highest reputation and deservedly so.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 19 March 2018


Fabulous Eye Unit, Highly recommend

“I have been going to the Eye Unit for quite a long period of time with severe dry eyes caused by Sjögren’s Syndrome. They are brilliant doctors and have always been understanding, kind and caring. I am still attending and never worry about my care as it’s always beyond excellent. They understand how depressing severe dry eyes can be affecting your vision and day to day life. I would highly recommend to anyone who has eye problems and needs referring to a consultant to go to the Royal Bolton as it is truly excellent”

Posted on NHS Choices on 16 March 2018


Long term glaucoma care

“The RBH Eye Unit has been monitoring my glaucoma and treating it with eye drops since the 1990s. Appointments have been regular – six monthly or more frequent when there was particular concern. I have had 40 Field Tests during that time, and photographs and scans with ever more sophisticated equipment as it has become available.

The staff have always been professional, but at the same time friendly and caring. The doctors and opticians have answered my questions and taken the trouble to explain details to me. As a result, I feel that my treatment has been a partnership between the department and myself.

With the use of eye drops my glaucoma has remained relatively stable and progression has been very slow. I have been so satisfied with my treatment that when I moved from Bolton in 2001 to another area of Greater Manchester I asked that I could keep on attending the RBH Eye Unit. My experience has been very positive.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 14 March 2018


Check up

“I have visited the eye hospital over the last 6 months for treatment for macular degeneration. On my last visit I was seen by the consultant optician and found him to be humorous and thorough and came away feeling a lot more cheerful than when I went in and more positive regarding the treatment for my condition”.

Posted on NHS Choices on 07 March 2018


Prompt treatment

“I was referred to the ophthalmology department by my optician. The Consultant who initially treated me was very professional and reassuring. I was diagnosed as having a herpes virus in my left eye. She prescribed drops and tablets at a high dosage to ‘aggressively’ tackle the virus.

I had a further appointment a week later to check progress and was reassured.

On my 3rd appointment today with another consultant I was discharged as the virus had completely cleared up largely thanks to the prompt diagnosis and treatment. Thanks to all concerned.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 05 March 2018


A really inspirational Consultant

“The consultant had a medical student with him and I truly hope that he learned as much as I did about my retinal branch vein occlusion.

The consultant remarked that these clinics are extremely busy and as a consequence he has to make a conscious effort to focus exclusively on what he needs to know about the patient, and to give the patient the information he/she needs. He felt this may give the impression that he is pompous – far from the case, I found him to be thorough, charming and extremely informative.

He taught me the 5 things I need to know as a patient: diagnosis, treatment, prognosis (what sort of recovery is likely?), aetiology (why did it happen?), what research is going on in this area of medicine? (Are there any trials I can be involved in?)

We discussed:

  1. The politics around the therapies available, which medications are licensed for UK use.
  2. Ethics, how to select appropriate therapy, to what extent should cost be a factor in the decision? I got the impression that it was the least important consideration.
  3. Current research into treatments for my condition.
  4. The mode of action of my medication.
  5. Other therapies currently available to me and their risks and benefits; which would I like? I like what the consultant suggested! He is the expert, not me.

 We discussed and agreed the best treatment plan for me. I was delighted that the medical student was brought into the discussion, a 20 something and a 71 year old being educated together.

 I came away feeling that I had had an outstanding consultation, that I fully understand all relevant (to me) aspects of my condition, that the best treatment plan has been put together for me and that I had been privileged to meet such a knowledgeable, enthusiastic, hardworking and patient-focused gentleman.

 Finally, the Bolton Ophthalmology Unit is truly outstanding and I believe that this is the result of the efforts of this consultant and a consultant colleague who were tasked with reviving the unit many years ago. They have done an outstanding job and throughout the unit the attitude, competence (as far as I am qualified to judge), pleasantness, care and thoroughness of all the staff reflect the attributes of their leader. I am very fortunate to be one of its many patients.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 28 February 2018


A pleasant necessity

“The Eye Clinic at The Royal Bolton makes a slightly uncomfortable appointment acceptable. Those nasty eye drops are necessary I know, but the effect is neutralised by the kindness of the staff involved.

 The waiting room and surroundings are light and airy, with comfortable chairs and reading matter, plus a television if required. Subtitles on the latter make the sound quality, which could be bothersome, unnecessary.

 Altogether a visit not to worry too much about, and a bold decision by the Consultant to only visit in the future if there is a change in my Macular Dystrophy condition, is very acceptable indeed.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 21 February 2018


CNV treatment

“Timely and effective treatment with injections successfully restored rapidly deteriorating vision. Continuing to receive excellent aftercare/monitoring.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 10 February 2018


AMD diagnosis, treatment and ongoing reviews

“I visited the eye unit today with my 94 year old mum who was diagnosed with AMD nearly 10 years ago. We can’t thank the doctor enough for the initial fast diagnosis 10 years ago and the speed of the treatment and how much of a success it has been, it has saved my mum’s eyesight which we are all thankful for as she is quite physically disabled and to have received the treatment so many years ago is down to the fact that Bolton Eye Unit was so much more advanced compared to other areas of the country. The doctor has always been so nice with my mum and us, he is very kind and caring and we hope he continues with his excellent service along with all the staff of the eye unit, please don’t let him retire anytime soon!”

Posted on NHS Choices on 07 February 2018


Sent by my Optician

“I was referred by my Optician for a check up on an abnormality found during a routine eye test. I arrived too early for my appointment but I was dealt with straight away in a very efficient and friendly manner. The consultant I saw was friendly and put me at ease straight away. Thankfully I didn’t need any further treatment.

I would recommend this department at Royal Bolton Hospital to anybody.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 05 February 2018


Ophthalmology Cataract operation

“My mother recently had her cataract removed. She was dealt with extremely professionally and kindly by the doctors and nurses both in the initial appointment, during the pre op assessment and on the day of the surgery. Everything was explained in detail and her Dr was very reassuring.

 An excellent interpreter was provided who even went into theatre with her.

 Simple things were not forgotten. Despite being busy the staff still made my mum a cup of tea and a slice of toast after the operation. Everyone smiled and spoke politely.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 29 January 2018


Glaucoma Concern; fears allayed

“My optician found elevated intraocular pressure. This was a concern given strong family history of glaucoma and a referral to Ophthalmology was requested via my GP. I was very pleased with the technical investigations (Visual field tests, OCT of optic nerve and fundus photography) undertaken by a variety of kind and caring Ophthalmic Imaging staff. They are the ‘unsung heroes’ these were followed by an examination by DH Consultant Ophthalmologist who was most competent and with excellent ‘bedside manner’. I have nothing but praise for all the staff concerned at the Bolton Eye Unit on how effective and efficient the clinical management was and with dignity to the patient. All staff was kind and caring I am now a ‘glaucoma suspect’ and will have further follow ups in due course.”

Posted on NHS Choices in January 2018


Eye surgery

“My treatment to lift my eyebrow and also to take away some of my eye lids was a complete success and has improved my sight substantially. I found all the staff to be courteous and knowledgeable and I was given full insight as to the procedures to be carried out and also when the operation would take place. My overall view of this department is that it is excellent the department is very well run, clean and waiting times were not excessive. I would like to give a massive thank you to all the staff working in ophthalmology.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 16th January 2018


Three years now and no problems

“I was first referred three years ago and was seen in the Eye Unit as a matter of urgency. I have had over 15 injections and many clinic appointments. ALL the staff, without exception, have been so pleasant, friendly and efficient and I have sung their praises to my friends and relatives! I did write to the Manager of the Eye Unit at Bolton with similar comments. This is the NHS at its best and the unit and the staff should be cherished!!”

Posted on NHS Choices on 20th December 2017


CSCR after heart transplant

“I had developed CSCR after a heart transplant and chose Bolton Royal Hospital because of the great reviews and I wasn’t disappointed. The level of care is second to none by a very professional team, with a wealth of knowledge, experience and compassion. I felt involved with the diagnosis and the prognosis at every stage. They were sympathetic to the fact that I was at risk of kidney damage if I had a Fluorescein injection and managed to carry out the procedure using a different method, getting great images which were explained to me in detail. All in all, a very pleasant experience.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 07th December 2017


10 months down the track

“After 10 months of visits, 7 injections and several consultations, I was pleased to be able to have a meeting with my consultant once again. I was told truthfully the details of my wet AMD progression and the prognosis for the ‘dry’ eye. I have now been put on a programme of treatment that will mean injections of Lucentis every 6/8 weeks to keep the leakage under control.

I am also going to be added on the list that will enable the leak in the ‘wet’ eye to be tracked so that in the near future, I will be considered for laser treatment.

I was very pleased to be advised that there was no reason for me not to drive at the moment because I passed the eye tests which shows how much progress has been achieved by the care and attention shown to me by Royal Bolton’s Ophthalmology Department. I am very grateful. Thank you.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 03rd December 2017


Superb advice & care

“We were very pleased with the advice and care given by the consultant we saw and they gave us reassurance and explanation at a very stressful time. They were thorough and all the staff there made a real difference.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 30th November 2017


Eye reconstruction following mors procedure

“Whilst I was very appreciative about the cosmetic outcome. I was very pleased following surgery and 3 months later my eye looks like nothing has been done.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 30th November 2017


As always outstanding experience

“From the moment I entered the hospital I was treated with care, respect & understanding by all the staff. My experience with my doctor, as always, was first class.

I feel the administrators should be made aware that, in my opinion, the department is badly understaffed & it is obvious that the staff are under extreme pressure.

I could see that there was a lack of communication between the staff, but not of their own intent.

I think the people of Bolton are very fortunate to have such a facility as the Bolton Eye Hospital.

Many many thanks.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 30th November 2017



“Yesterday I visited the hospital Ophthalmology Department after being referred by my doctor. I thought that the system of stages building up to seeing the consultant worked very well – each one with a short waiting time.

The consultant listened carefully to my symptoms, gave me a thorough examination and then gave an explanation of their diagnosis and helpful advice.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 29th November 2017


Couldn’t be better

“I attended at Bolton Eye depart today, the whole experience was faultless.

From first point of contact I was treated with respect, dignity and kindness. I was seen by a lovely doctor, who gave a clear and thorough diagnosis, treatment plan and prognosis. This doctor was both kind and courteous throughout examination.

I could only commend the whole department.

Many thanks, a happy, satisfied patient”

Posted on NHS Choices website November 2017


Eye Department

“I was happy with my visit to my Consultant, they explained about my condition and what caused it very well. Thank you”

Posted on NHS Choices website on 16th November 2017


Glaucoma Clinic

“I would like to say a special thanks to the staff members I saw for making me feel at ease on attending the Glaucoma Clinic today (Tuesday 14th November 2017) at 9.00 am. I always feel apprehensive but their “Bedside Manner” and reassuring qualities stilled my fears.

Thank You!”

Posted on NHS Choices Website on 14th November 2017


Cataract Phobia Overcome

“Always having a very strong aversion to having my eyes touched in any way whatsoever, I found the prospect of a cataract operation somewhat daunting. However, from the first meeting with the surgeon, through the pre-assessment to the actual operation I was treated with efficiency, reassurance and good humour. The pre-operative use of gas and air made the initial injections completely pain free, unlike other folk who have described their experiences to me, neither was there any post-operative pain or discomfort. When the protective patch was removed yesterday there was this very bright new world! I couldn’t rate the whole team more highly”

Posted on NHS Choices website on 28th October 2017


Squint surgery done on H2 ward

“I was referred to Royal Bolton Hospital by my GP after suffering with a lazy eye. I had 2 appointments prior to my operation and both were on time with no real waiting times. On both visits I was made fully aware of what the problem was and what the best plan to fix it would be, I seen two particular consultants during my visits and my operation, both were very professional, polite and friendly.

On the day of my operation I was there for 8am, put to sleep by 9.30am, back on the ward at 11.45am and was waiting for my lift at 2pm, all very timely and efficient. I’m in a wheelchair and the nurses were all very helpful with my needs.

It’s now 2 weeks after my operation and so far so good, the results are looking very good.

Big thank you to all at Royal Bolton Hospital”

Posted on NHS Choices 06 October 2017


Excellent Customer Care and Treatment

“It’s not always easy trying to deliver a ‘person centred caring service’ set against the demands and pressures of the NHS, but here in Bolton the Ophthalmology do just that.
For a number of years I have attended the retinal clinic under the care of a consultant and what can I say. The consultant is a true and very knowledgeable doctor, and also has the ability to put you at ease and explain details in lay man’s terms. It’s a pleasure attending their clinic and praise is due when it’s earned.
Well done, and carry on the good work!”

Posted on NHS Choices website 09 August 2017


Friendly but Professional

“I was referred to the eye hospital on Wed afternoon at extremely short notice and was seen the next day. A doctor telephoned me at home Wed night to check if I needed to be seen immediately but decided on the following morning. I was contacted early on Thurs morning and asked to attend hospital 2hrs later. Upon arriving at the hospital (my 1st time at Bolton) staff were very friendly, I was seen to almost immediately and my eyes examined thoroughly and professionally. Following examination I was informed of what had caused my problem any potential future issues and what actions to take.
As already stated this was my 1st time at Bolton, I was really impressed with the staff and the facilities. I would definitely recommend Bolton hospital and have no qualms in returning.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 29 June 2017


Extremely pleased with all aspects of treatment.

“All treatment was conducted very professionally and with tact, from the consultant through to the nurses and reception.
I would recommend this unit very highly to anyone in need of eye treatment.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 19 June 2017


I had no need to worry after all

“I had an appointment to visit the eye department on the 19th May for Cataract surgery I was so worried even though I had been told there was nothing to worry about, can I just say the staff were amazing from the nurses to the surgeon and the nurse who made me a lovely cup of coffee and some toast. I have yet to go back to have my other eye done. Am I worried? I don’t think so, thanks so much.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 20 May 2017


“This was my first visit to the Royal Bolton Eye Hospital having recently moved from Buckinghamshire. It was necessary for me to have a series of tests, all of which were well coordinated and carried out by very pleasant and efficient staff, I also had the privilege of being seen by a consultant who explained in detail the proposed treatment I would receive. The unit would appear to be extremely well organised and I have every confidence in them.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 08 May 2017


So pleased that I was referred to RBH Eye Department

“I was extremely pleased with the care and attention that I received when I visited RBH Eye Department on 28.04.17. The Consultant made me feel at ease and confident in his excellent care and treatment for my eyes.
The team in this department were very kind and helpful at all times.
Thank you very much indeed.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 04 May 2017


Excellent staff

“Thank you for seeing my 97 year old Grandmother today who has received excellent care at your Eye department.
Special thanks to the consultant who has made such a difference to her life – and been able to restore and maintain her vision – she will be forever grateful – I think she’ll refrain from driving though! Keep us all safe 🙂
First class department and Hospital.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 05 April 2017


Give credit where it is due

“I was extremely nervous attending for my cataract operation in January 2017 on my right eye. Everyone, the surgeon, and the rest of the team were lovely. I didn’t feel a thing and you couldn’t tell I’d had an operation plus my vision is superb. I came back on 4th April ’17 for my left cataract surgery. The staff were as lovely as the first team, and again I felt no pain. Although my eye is very red this time I have been assured this is due to blood vessels and will clear up soon.
My vision is wonderful; I can’t thank the ‘team’ enough for their professional and efficient care. I hope my experience will encourage others who put off having this operation because of nerves.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 07 April 2017


“My mum was diagnosed with the wet AMD in both eyes a few years ago & has visited the clinic regularly since. She has Macular injections and has had cataract surgery on both eyes also. The clinics have improved dramatically over the past year in terms of the amount of time sat in the waiting area and we are very impressed with the weekend clinic, very efficient service overall.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 02 March 2017


“My brother is profoundly deaf through meningitis and also has other illnesses. I take him to very many hospital appointments. Our mother died when he was 5 and me being the only girl, aged 8 at the time. Life is sometimes difficult when your health lets you down but your eyesight is the one thing that brings everything to life. The two doctors and the person who does the injections so very many who all work on the eye unit clinic most of the reception team show the importance of their commitment to helping to retain or improve eyesight. We go to several hospitals but this unit at Royal Bolton is my favourite. Both the doctors which I mentioned have always greeted us so warmly and given us the time to understand exactly what’s going on; this is so important when you have no medical knowledge and this gives you belief that you’re in safe hands and that’s exactly why I am so grateful that his eye injections worked as hoped. They are both doctors that were caring and I recognised the passion they have for what they do. So many I would like to name that are always happy and smiling and acknowledge us, thank you for making the difference between somewhere you don’t want to go, to that wasn’t bad at all, and see you all again soon. Very well done!!!…. you are a credit to yourselves and your profession.”

Posted on NHS Choices website March 2017


Treatment for wet macular eye

“Whilst having this treatment for approximately five years I have no complaints whatsoever with the department.
I was given about six injections in my left eye over a period of time but in approximately the last eighteen months no injections have taken place.
This morning I went for a routine check-up with the doctor who was delighted with the findings and informed me that “I was one of the lucky ones; in some cases it doesn’t work and in others it halts the progression of the disease.” In my case the results showed that the problem had improved and settled. I still have to use the Amsler telescope to check for any change in my eyesight.
Eyesight is very precious … I know, because my friend is completely blind. I would certainly recommend having this treatment and would like to thank the hospital and staff in their endeavours.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 04 March 2017


“When attending my appointment at Bolton Eye unit it was extremely busy however one of the doctor’s father had died so they were carrying on with one doctor down. Although obviously having to work with a heavier work load everyone carried on calmly and dealt with things as they arose. I was treated very well by the doctor I saw. They were extremely knowledgeable and made me feel as though they were genuinely concerned about my condition which is a central retinal artery occlusion. I have asked to be seen by this doctor on my follow up appointments. The unit was running very well even in difficult circumstances.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 02 March 2017


“I have visited the H2 eye unit for cataract surgery and the glaucoma clinic regularly over the past few years and have always been impressed with the professionalism and courtesy of all the staff on every visit. Recently my 90 year old mother has had cataract surgery and treatment for macular degeneration and again all the staff were most considerate and patient in explaining all elements of the treatment to her, some of which is quite daunting for a lady of her age.
Well done to all at the Unit for providing such an excellent service in what are quite challenging times for the NHS.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 02 March 2017


“I have been visiting the unit for several years for treatment and cataract ops. Every occasion the treatment has been friendly efficient , fully explained and successful. A first class service from reception to surgery.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 17 January 2017


Cataract Surgery

“My dad visited the hospital with a dense cataract (like coal) therefore the old fashioned cataract surgery was needed with a large incision and stitches, (which I couldn’t see when I put his drops in) and he wasn’t in any discomfort whatsoever. A massive thank you to the surgeon and all the nurses that looked after my dad.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 20 December 2016


Macular degeneration and cataracts

“My treatment commenced in 1999 having been referred by the optician for cataracts. It was very quickly diagnosed as macular degeneration and treatment was given in the form of injections. Unfortunately, it was too late for the right eye but due to the expertise of the ophthalmic team my sight in the left eye has been maintained and is stable. I have been treated with respect and care all the ensuing years and have been given the consultant’s telephone number and told to “come quick if there is distortion”. The team have always been happy to explain all the details to me and as I am profoundly deaf, my sister has been allowed to accompany me to act as translator. As a youth, I had myopia and was prescribed spectacles when I was 18. Having been a patient since 1999, I am recognised and feel welcomed by all members of the team which helps to alleviate the worry, especially when there is distortion. When this happens, I am able to arrange an appointment over the phone, however, I have regular two monthly appointments as my good eye needs to be monitored. My treatment, both surgically and caring is second to none and the team deserves the highest praise. I was offered the option of having the cataract removed from my left eye which could have made things worse, however, the skill of the surgeons gave me better sight and it was suggested that I could have the cataract removed from the bad eye. I agreed and it did give me a little more than peripheral vision. Tests were conducted and I am fit to drive. I believe that central to the undoubted success of the department is the leadership of the team, the leader being an integral member. Eyesight is very precious and I have complete faith that my sight will be monitored and treated as and when necessary. Without their quick intervention, I know that I would have lost my sight completely. This department deserves recognition for the wonderful results they are achieving for so many needing their help and expertise.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 15 November 2016


Very helpful and caring staff

“I recently had a diagnosis of closed angle glaucoma in both eyes, I’ve attended the eye unit on 4 occasions to have laser treatment and the staff have always been professional, caring and understanding of what I am going through. They always have the time to listen to your concerns as well as being very empathetic. They are just a pleasure to be around as well as the good care you receive, the unit is always clean.”

Posted on NHS Choices Website 05 November 2016


My cataract operation 26 Sept 2016 gave me excellent vision

“I was very pleased with all aspects of my treatment by the eye clinic team and with the end result which was excellent vision. Thanks to all.”

Posted on NHS Choices Website 24 October 2016


Cataract surgery I had carried out 26th Sept 2016

“The whole experience re the pre-surgery assessment and the subsequent day of the cataract surgery was a very good one and made me want to write this review as a way of expressing my thanks. All the staff at the clinic were pleasant and helpful finding time to explain things to me. The surgery went well with no post op problems and the end result is now excellent clear vision. All this is much appreciated especially as it seemed to me that the clinic was working close to full-stretch.”

Posted on NHS Choices Website 18 October 2016


Very impressed.

“I was referred to the clinic by my optician as they were concerned about a membrane in my eye. The whole experience was extremely professional. The way the unit processed so many people was amazing, I received a letter explaining the appointment and the approximate time it would take, and it was near enough spot on. The staff were very pleasant and helpful and made sure I understood the information I was given. Well Done.”

Posted on NHS Choices Website 04 October 2016


Removal of foreign body from 2 year old daughters eye

“We went in to see a doctor in the Eye clinic after my daughter had got a foreign body stuck in her eye. She had a bit of a distressing time in A&E over the weekend as they tried to get it out (although all the staff we saw there were fantastic), so she was a little wary when we came back in, but she had no problem with the doctor and the nursing staff. They made her feel very comfortable. We were told we had to come back the following day, as unfortunately she had to have a general anaesthetic. We arrived first thing and there was no waiting. All the staff were exceptional. They all came to see her and made us all feel at ease. Even though it was a very minor procedure, not once did we feel like we were any less important than any other patient. After our daughter came round, all the staff came back down to see her to check on her recovery. We had the aftercare explained to us and luckily we didn’t have to go back, although if there had been any further issues we were told we could get in touch anytime. A 5 star rating for a five star team! Thank you very much for taking such good care of our little girl.”

Posted on NHS Choices Website 31 August 2016



“My visit was satisfactory from the moment I entered reception. I had broken my leg the week prior to my visit, the receptionist offered to try and find me a wheelchair which they did within minutes. I was then pushed by nursing staff from room to room for my various checks and all seemed happy to do so. My last visit was with my consultant that day. It was found a few months ago that I had a retinal branch vein occlusion which had been treated with injections. My consultant kindly took me through the results showing me the scans and explaining to me exactly what was going on and it would appear that the treatment has been successful. Many thanks to the consultant for their kind attitude and professionalism. The NHS seems to receive nothing but negative press on a daily basis, if the system is broken it is definitely not down to the front line staff whom have my support and thanks.”

Posted on NHS Choices Website 28 August 2016


Top marks for Royal Bolton Hospital’s eye department

“I have been receiving treatment for over 12 months and enjoyed helpful reassurance, kindness and information about my condition .The team of doctors has given me excellent treatment and helpful knowledge about my condition.  I was met with kindness and felt relaxed on each visit. Many thanks to all involved with my treatment.”

Posted on NHS Choices Website 25 August 2016


Visit for laser treatment re: cataract

“Excellent treatment by the doctor and all the staff.”

Posted on NHS Choices Website 09 August 2016


Retina tear

“Had many visits to eye clinic, always treated with care and respect. Seen today by consultant who was most informative.”

Visited in July 2016. Posted on NHS Choices website 26 July 2016.


“Came to see Dr and staff today. Made a weekend appointment – what a difference! Loved it! Loads of parking and in and out in no time. Dr was such a nice person and was very good. 5* ”

Visited in July 2016. Posted on NHS Choices website 02 July 2016


“My mother was diagnosed with macular degeneration nearly three years ago at a different hospital. She has been seen and treated previously at Altrincham, Withington and Wigan Hospitals. The consultant at Bolton by far gave my mum and myself so much information and reassurance. It was a pleasure to have met them and I have full faith in them and their team. Thank you for being so honest and supportive. They have given my mum and whole family peace of mind.”

Visited in June 2016. Posted on NHS Choices website 26 June 2016


Having been diagnosed with wet macular degeneration.

“Having been diagnosed with wet macular degeneration I did not know what to expect, however, the staff and all the doctors and consultants have been excellent and work very hard for the department. All seems to be well with treatment.”

Posted on NHS Choices Website 10 May 2016


Outstanding service and dedicated staff

“My mum (84yrs of age) has been under the care of the Royal Bolton Hospital eye unit for just over 18 months. From the first visit to having surgery on both eyes we have had the best care anyone could ask for. The clerical staff, health care assistants, technicians, nurses, doctors, consultants have been outstanding. They are welcoming, caring, understanding and treat everyone with compassion and respect. When she needed urgent treatment we were given appointments for treatment there and then, follow up appointments have been arranged at short notice, of which have included busy Saturday clinics for assessment and treatment. I’m so thankful that we have this amazing service available to us. If anyone needs assessment or treatment within the eye unit at the Royal Bolton Hospital you are guaranteed to get a first class service. My thanks to you all”

Posted on NHS Choices Website 07 May 2016


A Ripping Success

“On Saturday 5th March whilst preparing my vat return I noticed black and white “zig-zags” in my right, extreme peripheral vision. I took a break and thought little more about it. Next morning however I was seeing thousands of tiny black dots in my right eye. I visited my G.P. surgery on Monday morning and they referred me to the ophthalmology dept. at Bolton Hospital.
On the Wed morning, 9th March I was seen first by a couple of very pleasant nurses (aren’t they all!) who tested my eyesight and applied drops. I was then thoroughly examined by a very efficient specialist who then undertook careful and fully successful laser surgery.
I’d suffered two small rips in my retina in my right eye. The laser cauterises those tears and helps to ensure they do not enlarge – with the risk of a retinal detachment. The specialist was very good at their job and this was confirmed on my follow-up visit by the main consultant.
On this follow-up I had minimal wait time. I was again seen initially by a pair of nurses who put me at ease and checked my sight. A laser scan was undertaken and then a consultation with the main doctor. This consultant is an approachable and very knowledgeable person who explained what had happened. Their advice with respect to my imminent air travel has proven most helpful with dealing with my insurers. I found that by taking an interest in my own health and outcomes the whole team was eager to advise and help. In particular, the ophthalmology photographer was excellent – technically very savvy but very human with it.

I cannot thank the Team enough. A smooth operation from start to end. A pity Bolton Wanderers don’t work quite as well as a “team”.”

Posted on NHS Choices Website 23 March 2016



All the stops were pulled out

“After a routine eye check at the opticians it was discovered an abnormality in one of my 13 yr old daughter’s eyes. As this involved a swelling of the optic nerve we were very concerned she may have had a brain tumour.
We were given an accelerated appointment at the ophthalmic department and pushed to the front of every queue for a whole series of tests including an MRI brain scan. As parents we were totally stressed out but we were treated with kindness and sensitivity by the staff. No stone was left unturned to find out the cause of this problem and I doubt we could have received better treatment anywhere in the world. Thankfully the tests revealed no serious threats to my daughter’s life and we cannot thank the staff at this unit enough. When the chips were down they were there for us.
I know sitting in A&E for hours with a cut finger is annoying but when we were faced with a potentially life threatening condition they were there.”

Posted on NHS Choices Website 21 March 2016


Very pleased with my visit

“I was seen first by a nurse who was lovely, really made me feel welcome. They did the pressure test, then I saw the optician who tested my eyes for glaucoma and they were really nice, pleasant and professional.”

Posted on NHS Choices Website 21 March 2016


Prompt Response

“The eye unit at the hospital responded very quickly to my condition when it was detected. The visits I have had have been very satisfactory with polite meetings from all levels of staff and the consultant dealing with my condition.
The consultant has given me a lot of details relating to my condition and how to contact the Macular society who have given me booklets to read.”

Posted on NHS Choices Website 10 March 2016


Excellent care

“Excellent care. My eye condition was speedily diagnosed and successfully treated. All staff (Consultant, nurses, support staff and receptionists) were professional, friendly, caring and respectful. My treatment was explained to me throughout and I felt completely reassured that my eyesight was in very capable hands. I couldn’t have asked for better treatment. Thank you.”

Posted on NHS Choices Website 20 January 2016


Retinal Clinic, Royal Bolton Hospital

“I have been attending the Ophthalmology Department at Royal Bolton Hospital for the past few years and have attended the Retinal Clinic for follow-up and the wards for treatment of my AMD. I have always found the doctors, nurses and other clinical staff very efficient and welcoming. They always explain every step of treatment and follow up. Their attitude makes you feel very reassured and confident that your health is in the hands of professionals who care for your welfare.”

Posted on NHS Choices Website 18 January 2016


Adult-Vitelliform Maculopathy

“On January 13th 2016 I had an appointment to have photographs taken of my eyes. The member of staff who took the photographs was very good and helpful. After the photographs had been done the consultant explained them to me. Thank you all for a very good service.”

Posted on NHS Choices Website 15 January 2016


Patient Care

“I have been very satisfied with my care at the hospital. The consultant explains my condition and is caring and understanding when I ask lots of questions. They are definitely a patient’s doctor.”

Posted on NHS Choices Website Jan 2016


Clinical excellence combined with expert patient care

“Sunday appointment which I thought was just for taking eye images turned out to include the bonus of seeing a consultant ophthalmologist for an eye examination and having an update on my rare eye condition. Everyone involved was kind, courteous, helpful, and most importantly, prepared to listen to me. It is a true saying that patients do not remember all of what a doctor says, but they do remember how they were made to feel. Full marks from a very grateful patient!”

Visited in November 2015. Posted on NHS Choices website 29th November 2015.


“I received a Sunday appointment for the eye clinic which was very convenient. I was greeted by the receptionist who was polite and respectful. I was called for my initial assessment almost immediately and taken for a second stage assessment which was equally as efficient. At all times I was fully informed of the procedures. Finally I saw the consultant who was extremely informative and immediately informed me of my options. The consultant was very clear and informative. The staff clearly work in harmony and put the patient at ease. The eye clinic team clearly enjoy their work and the department they work in. There is a sense of organisation and efficiency in all areas and I have been very impressed with the service. Top of the class.”

Visited in November 2015. Posted on NHS Choices 24 November 2015


“On the 14th October 2015 I had Cataract surgery on my right eye performed. The nurses who looked after me were wonderful – so helpful and informative. On arrival I was naturally a little apprehensive, but all the pre-op procedures were so gentle and easy that I felt relaxed and confident about the operation. The consultant surgeon and assistant did a fantastic job and have given me back the most precious gift of sight. I no longer need distance glasses and I only need a small prescription for reading. I wouldn’t have believed that it would be possible to have such wonderful vision again and would encourage anyone, whatever their age to have this procedure done, if they are lucky enough to get the chance. Thank you so much to everyone at Ward H2 and also to the NHS.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 12.11.15


“On Saturday 31st October I attended the Eye Clinic unit in H block. I would just like to thank all concerned for the splendid treatment I received. All the staff were courteous, informative and very efficient. I am grateful for such attention.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 8.11.15


“I received a Sunday appointment for the eye clinic which was very convenient. I was greeted by the receptionist who was polite and respectful. I was called for my initial assessment almost immediately and taken for a second stage assessment which was equally as efficient. At all times I was fully informed of the procedures. Finally I saw the consultant who was extremely informative and immediately informed me of my options. The consultant was very clear and informative. The staff clearly work in harmony and put the patient at ease. The eye clinic team clearly enjoy their work and the department they work in. There is a sense of organisation and efficiency in all areas and I have been very impressed with the service.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 04.11.15


“From the outset I found the treatment I received to be very professional and reassuring. It gave me the confidence to make informed decisions which were respected along the way. I found the staff to be very friendly and being a bit of a nervous patient helped to keep me at my ease. The treatment was at all times excellent and I felt at all times happy to place myself in their care. They also picked up on other issues with my health which, although it delayed my treatment, once resolved everything continued swiftly and efficiently. The results have been nothing less than life changing and have left me able to perform much better at work and enjoy life more at home. In short I have been very happy with every part of the treatment. Many thanks to all.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 4.10.15



“My consultant was very professional, courteous and also very down to earth as well as being informative. I only waited a short time and I found all staff to be courteous and helpful.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 04.10.15


“I was lucky to be offered a Sunday afternoon follow up appointment which I found very convenient. As I was advised not to drive, it meant neither my husband nor I needed to take time off work. There were lots of HCPs to see, and procedures to be done, (eye tests and photos taken of the eye). I was efficiently taken from room to room and waiting was minimal. All the staff were friendly and knowledgeable. The consultant reassured me that my condition had not deteriorated, and explained why it had happened, how to monitor it and even drew a picture for my optician and asked another member of staff to print some photographs for future reference. I was even given the secretary’s number in case I have further concerns. Considering how minor my appointment was, I certainly wasn’t expecting such fabulous care.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 26.09.15


“I just wanted to say how impressed I have been with my whole experience at the eye unit at RBH. From being admitted in A&E and being processed through to the team in the eye unit, I have been treated with dignity, respect and the utmost care. Such a lovely team of consultants, doctors, nurses and HCAs all the way through. I have had a couple of blips in coping with my torn retina, and whenever I’ve reached out for help and reassurance whether over the phone or face to face, they have been there and quickly. Sadly, I didn’t ever see the same person twice and have a whole host of faces in my head but not everyone’s names. The consultant who did my laser surgery, thank you. A doctor along with a consultant did my diagnosis and they were amazing throughout. The nurse in A&E was so quick and efficient to get me seen as soon as possible, that really did fill me with hope. The whole nursing team were brilliant especially when I had a meltdown after my fields tests. Thank you guys. You are amazing. And finally the last lovely doctor who although they couldn’t explain my loss of peripheral vision which still remains, treated me with dignity and respect and checked and checked and rechecked to see if they could see anything that would indicate why the loss was there. They explained things to me in a very straight forward manner and didn’t treat me like an idiot or as if I was losing my mind. They kept it real and honest. A great team of people who I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending if anyone I know has an issue with eyes/sight problems. Having been a Guide Dog Trainer for 30 years I am well aware of how precious sight is and how losing sight can be a scary, traumatising event to encounter whatever your age or circumstances.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 26.09.15


“I was pleased to have a Saturday appointment to take my elderly father (93 years) as I work full time during the week. Everyone did all they could to make us feel comfortable and informed. The consultant explained my father’s condition expertly but clearly (Dry AMD) and was able to advise us on where to seek other help. A lovely person. It is difficult to communicate with my father as he is also profoundly deaf, but everyone was extremely patient with us.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 18.09.15


“From first appointment through to the end of the process I was treated with respect. Every step was explained thoroughly by every person who was involved. This took away all worries that I had. Not only was the operation carried out with care but clear instructions as to after care were given. No one should fear being treated at the eye unit. The consultant and their team were excellent.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 16.09.15


“My appointment was scheduled for Saturday morning which was very convenient. I had several eye tests during which the staff were very pleasant, informative & engaging. My condition was explained in detail and discussion took place with regard to future treatment. Photographs were taken as a point of reference for any future treatment. My overall experience was excellent. The staff behaved professionally and were informative, engaging, friendly and communicative especially the consultant.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 15.09.15


“Very thorough review of condition of eyes by the consultant and their team. Would highly recommend Sunday appointments. After comprehensive series of tests and assessments, I was made very aware of the condition of my eyes and the options available to best treat the condition. I cannot praise the team too highly.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 09.09.15


“I would like to thank the doctor and all their staff for retaining my wife’s sight over the many years that she has had treatment at Bolton NHS Hospital. Thanks.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 04.09.15


“I was referred to the eye unit by my optician. After quite an eventful two days and a shock with my diagnosis, I was introduced to the consultant who was amazing. They really explained my diagnosis to me and even showed me all my scans and results so that I fully understood my condition. I felt so much more at ease after meeting them. All the nursing staff were fantastic and also very supportive and reassuring too. I met with a member of staff who did photographs and scans of my eyes. They were fab and very patient with me as I was still quite shaky. I will now be under the eye unit and the consultant for the next few years and I am confident that I have the best people to work with. Thank you so much to you all.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 03.09.15


“January 2014 I was referred to Bolton eye unit and was diagnosed with a retinal vein occlusion in my left eye. I am a female aged 60 years with no other health issues. To date I have received over 15+ lucentis injections. During the first year I needed an injection every month but 20 months on, I now have an injection every eight weeks and I have been informed that I am developing a collateral circulation which hopefully means my eye circulation may return to normal. The medical team and administration personnel have been exemplary in all of their duties. Since I first attended, the reception staff have been polite, prompt and friendly. The nurses who administer the injections with no pain at all have been lovely. The consultants who decide your treatment are the best I have ever come across. I would highly recommend anyone to attend the eye unit at Bolton hospital. I cannot find fault at all from start to finish, well done and thank you all.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 24.08.15


“I was referred to Bolton eye hospital by my optician over a year ago and have been treated with lucentis injections which have slowed down the progression of this incurable condition. Thanks to the doctors, nurses and all the other staff involved in my treatment my eyesight is still quite good and I cannot thank and praise them enough for what they are doing for me. My left eye is now coming under scrutiny but I am sure there will be no effort spared by the doctors and staff of the eye unit to provide effective treatment.”

Posted on NHS Choices websites 22.08.15


“I attended for the first time in the first week of August 2015. The appointment was a referral from my optician via my doctor. Finding the department was very easy and I was soon seated awaiting my turn. There were probably 30 people in the waiting room despite an early appointment time. However ten minutes later I was called for my initial assessment. This was handled very efficiently and courteously, although it did feel slightly rushed. Eye drops stung a bit but was pre warned. Was then passed on to the next department for a scan. No waiting time in between. Again this was handled very efficiently and courteously. The nurse had a problem initially because the eye drops had not sufficiently dilated my pupils due to the speed at which I had been processed, however it gave the nurse time to better explain what the scan was used for. Next step was to be seated in a second waiting room, this time about 20 people waiting. Ten minutes later I was called to see the consultant. The consultation was conducted very professionally and the results were fully explained to me. Further appointments were made on the day and confirmed to me a couple of days later by post. I was very happy with my overall experience. It is very evident that this department tries very hard to process its patients very efficiently.”

Posted on NHS Choices 22.08.15


“From the first consultation by the doctor to the staff booking me in, the staff taking me to theatre, the theatre staff and wonderful surgeons, I cannot fault this excellent team at Royal Bolton eye clinic. They informed me from the onset about my operations, what they would be doing and when. I was put at ease from the moment I got there. My follow up appointments were ready for me before I left. I was given full instructions on how to use my medication, and finally to ring the clinic directly if I had any problems. I can only thank them all for their part in my operations with a special thank you to my surgeon, a very talented and humble person.
Mrs D Corr.”

Posted on NHS Choices 20.08.15


“Purely down to my own carelessness and because I wore my own glasses rather than the eye protectors in my toolbox I was hit by a small piece of chipped concrete when removing it from a floor. I didn’t think too much about it at the time but the following day the floaters arrived along with the possibility of a detached retina. Luckily after several visits to the Bolton Eye Clinic I was given a clean bill of health except for one remaining large floater which I will have to live with due to one moment of madness. The message is: Always Wear Eye Protection. My last visit to the Bolton Clinic was this last Sunday morning. The clinic was really well organised with patients quickly moving through the various surgeries, eventually arriving at the consultant who by then had all the necessary information to make a sound diagnosis. Well done and thank you Bolton!”

Posted on NHS Choices 19.08.15


“As a critically ill patient who had just been operated on, I developed a problem with one of my eyes. I was taken to see the consultant who acknowledged how ill I was and sent me back to the ward and came to see me there. I was fortunate  that it was my consultant and after some tests he diagnosed Candida Chorioretinitis. This can be fatal in critically ill people. They prescribed anti-fungal drugs to save life and then a series of injections to save my eyesight. Over a two year period an excellent result has been achieved. I am lucky to have been in the Royal Bolton Hospital as this enabled me to use the eye unit. A huge thank you to all the fantastic staff there.”

Posted on NHS Choices 18.08.15


“I had cataract operations on both my eyes. Due to having pinpoint pupils the operation was extremely difficult. My eyesight is fully restored and I will be everlastingly grateful to the surgeons, their skill and kindness. They are brilliant!”

Posted on NHS Choices 06.08.15


“Following an earlier visit to A&E with an eye injury where I was assessed and made aware what I was being treated for. I was then contacted by the eye unit two days later who checked on the improvement to the injury. I was also given the option of contacting the eye unit directly the following week, which I did, and booked a follow up appointment with a consultant to ensure there would be no further treatment required. This continued support by telephone was unexpected and most re-assuring and meant very quick access to services. A consultant saw me on the follow up visit. Their professional and re-assuring manner along with a detailed explanation of my injury and treatment left me completely at ease and fully informed. It simply could not have been better. They also had a welcome sense of humour. Thank you for that and also your supportive, helpful attitude throughout.”

Posted on NHS Choices 05.08.15


“All the staff have always been friendly and helpful. Excellent feedback and information from the consultants and doctors who help the patient to make informed decisions.”

Posted on NHS Choices 24.07.15


“This was my first visit to the eye unit and it was a very positive experience. The staff were friendly and efficient and the whole process of treatment was controlled and efficient. The consultation at the end of the appointment was again, friendly, informative and positive. Visits to hospitals are always stressful, and battling the traffic to get to the appointment on time was a nightmare. Thank you for the treatment I received in your department.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 27.06.15



“Very impressed by the expertise of my consultant in this field and all the help, extra information and care from all the nursing staff in the Department.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 26.06.15


“Excellent service provided yet again on my annual eye review appointment with the exception of one of the receptionists who took my original details at the desk. However after moving on to see the nursing staff and the consultant, my anxieties were lifted. I always get seen on time. The eye unit is probably the cleanest department at the hospital. I have this view because I have been seen in different departments within the hospital over the last few years. Well done to the consultant and team yet again.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 20.06.15


“Well done to the surgeon and team. After rupturing a vein at the back of my left eye’ (Retinal Vein Occulsion) I visited Bolton Eye Hospital on the 24th of February for a Dexametasone (Ozurdex ) Implant. The treatment as an outpatient was swift, reassuring and above all pain free. The implant, about the third of the size of a matchstick, floats about at the back of the eye, giving no pain or effect on vision and is reducing in size as time goes on. On the 24th of March I visited the Eye Unit for laser treatment, to clear up the blood left over from the rupture. After treatment my vision was blurred for a few hours but I had no pain. My last visit for a check up was on the 28th of April. My vision had been raised from 20 percent up to 80 percent. I am now looking forward to going for a new pair of glasses. Bolton is indeed fortunate to have such a cracking eye unit.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 28.05.15


“Excellent service in outpatients. Everyone introduced themselves and explained all procedures.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 20.05.15


“I have been associated with the NHS for nearly forty years as a nurse and then a teacher capacity. I have recently had two cataract operations and experienced the NHS service at Bolton eye department. I found the service excellent with staff demonstrating positive customer care skills in all interactions with me. The staff were courteous, respectful, professional and competent. The procedures were performed by a doctor who was excellent in their communications and technical performance. Thank you very much to all.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 15.05.15


“More doctors should be like this doctor, frank forthright and to the point, very refreshing.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 24.04.15


“Excellent level of care consistently delivered to my Mum. I regularly accompany my mum for her eye appointments at Royal Bolton Hospital. The initial appointments were in connection with cataract surgery on both eyes. Even though the surgery proved to be tricky it was skilfully performed and the surgeon always spent time explaining and answering any concerns either my mum or I had. My mum’s sight in both eyes was much improved although unfortunately macular degeneration has now developed but just in her right eye. My mum’s subsequent appointments have therefore been for macular degeneration in her right eye and the lucatis injections have been a great success. All the nurses/staff are extremely kind and on the last appointment my mum’s consultant patiently and with great knowledge explained everything in great detail. It is most reassuring and refreshing that even though I am not the patient any questions and concerns I have had have always been answered with the utmost respect and I always feel that my opinion and feelings as my mum’s companion are taken very seriously.”

Posted on NHS Choice website 18.04.15


“All the staff including admin, nursing and consultants were very helpful caring and cheerful. I saw people going out of their way to help the elderly and infirm people. The staff made what could have been a worrying experience happy and relaxing. The whole unit worked hard and well together. I have experienced wonderful care. A big thank you to all the staff at the eye unit.
Kind regards
Karen Margaret Legge”

Posted on NHS Choices website 02.04.15


“The consultant gave a very detailed explanation of my condition and the treatments available to me. I was delighted with the subsequent treatment of injections and there is nothing to fear from this. The staff were excellent, very kind and thoughtful and they allayed my fears.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 30.03.15



“I was attended to promptly by different nurses of both genders. I saw a member of staff dealing very sympathetically with a lady in a wheelchair. They also dealt with me professionally and courteously with a smile the whole time. The consultant was thoroughly professional and explained everything succinctly and clearly.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 24.03.15


“As a person who has lived with diabetes for almost fifty six years, I feel that I must register my thanks to many people at the Royal Bolton Hospital, in particular, the ophthalmology team of consultants. In 1993, my optician referred me to the eye unit at the hospital, having found early signs of diabetic retinopathy, I received laser treatment for the condition, with the reassurance that it would be essential to keep my diabetes under strict control. This I’ve struggled to do in the following years and having experienced further laser treatment and cataract operations in both eyes, I can still see as well as I could when first diagnosed with the retinopathy. I cannot speak too highly of the doctors and many others in their team, who have monitored and treated me in such depth, communicating well, to inform me of the situation at every level and having the patience to answer my silly questions! Thank you so much, it is all very much appreciated.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 12.02.15


“Am almost 2 weeks post op for surgery to correct acquired brown’s syndrome, just had to write and say what an amazing, caring, down to earth and professional team work in the incredible Ophthamology Department at Royal Bolton. I was terrified, absolutely terrified! And excited too about the surgery (looked forward to having “straight” eyes) but this was extra scary as I don’t ‘do’ eyes. Sounds silly but surprised how many friends have confessed the same since my surgery. Just the thought of eye drops 4 times a day for 4 weeks knocked me sick. Now, even though I still may need another op (squint surgery) and have more appointments with the orthoptists, who are absolutely incredible..I think I have met 4 of them in the team and they are all so professional and lovely, that I have no nerves now whatsoever! Every single member of the team is so friendly, reassuring, down to earth and compassionate that I have felt incredibly well cared for before, during and after my surgery. And so far even though it’s early days, my surgery appears to have been a success! That’s thanks to my consultant. Thank you! A special thanks to my anaesthetist and recovery nurses who I am ashamed to say I was agitated with immediately following surgery, I was mortified when I came round properly and was told what I had said! Everyone checked on me back on the ward and seemed to take it in their stride despite me claiming I had ”lost my dog” and was adamant I had been banged on the head…very embarrassing but everyone was so lovely about it that I left later that day smiling about what happened! Still want to say sorry though! My entire experience of care and treatment has been second to none, I was treated with the utmost dignity and respect and when you aren’t used to being in hospital that is so important, I felt like an individual with my concerns and fears talked through with patience. Thank you again to the department including the receptionists, nurses, incl the lovely student nurse I met and everyone who works in Ophthalmology.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 11.02.15


“My 81 year old mother has recently had cataract surgery in one eye and is soon to come back for cataract surgery in her other eye. The hospital staff have been extremely friendly throughout and have explained everything thoroughly to her in order to put my mum at ease. She was very nervous before having surgery on her first eye but the care she experienced was second to none and she’s had fantastic results. She is now looking forward to having the other cataract as the surgery has already made a massive difference to her sight. Thanks to all.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 09.02.15


“I have written this review to express my gratitude and appreciation for the treatment I have received and am still receiving at the eye unit. I cannot speak to highly of the care and attention given by all the staff and their professionalism. The consultant must indeed be proud to head such an excellent unit which is considered to be the finest in the country. Once again many many thanks.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 07.01.15


“I regularly accompany my father to Bolton Royal Hospital’s Ophthalmology Department where, having developed macular degeneration he receives injections to maintain the sight of one eye. The entire department seems to be well run, efficient, professional yet friendly. It is an extremely busy department yet the staff are always kind and understanding. The injections have been an absolute success, my father’s sight has been maintained and have allowed him to continue to lead an independent life. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone involved in the smooth running of this department from the doctor to the volunteers in the tuck shop!”

Posted on NHS Choices website 04.01.15


“I regularly bring my 94-year mother to the eye clinic at RBH and she has always been treated with the utmost respect by all members of the Eye Unit staff she has come into contact with, and a couple of days ago she saw a doctor who put her at her ease and explained everything in great detail to her. He was most kind and considerate. I myself also attend the Eye Clinic for glaucoma and again have always been treated very well by the members of staff I have come into contact with.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 28.12.14


“Prompt professional service all the way through my mother’s appointment. Waiting was minimal and all aspects of her care were explained in clear understandable terms. An excellent clinical and support team. Thank you for making her appointment a dignified process with total commitment to her care. Highly appreciated. Cannot fault this team.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 21.12.14


“After only 3 injections, my condition has dried up and there has been a significant improvement in my vision. The medical staff have been extremely caring, particularly during the injection procedures. All my appointments with the doctor and his team have been very informative and carried out in a friendly one-to-one basis which has been very reassuring . My condition will continue to be monitored to ensure that if the problem re-occurs action will be taken.This department is certainly of the highest quality although obviously very busy and deserves to be better funded.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 20.12.14


“My mother has been attending the eye unit for quite some time now. I cannot praise the consultant and his staff enough, I have attended Manchester Eye Hospital in the past, not a patch on this unit. The staff here are far more warm and caring in their behaviour.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 20.12.14


“These are my first visits to Bolton Royal Hospital for treatment and consequent to my initial appointment I have felt reassured and confident that the treatment prescribed is in my best possible interest. When I request an explanation of my treatment it is delivered in full without the need to patronise. I find all members of staff that I have come into contact with to be proficient friendly and helpful.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 20.12.14


“Having just completed 2 courses of injections, I must compliment the quality of the treatment I received, starting with the consultant and his team, then the nurses very ably led by the Sister and her skill in giving the injections. The staff in the whole department are to be complimented on their nursing skills and their willingness to make sure your visit runs smoothly. Thank you all, you make my visits as comfortable as possible.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 20.12.14


“Thank you Bolton Eye Unit because you discovered my problem after years of discomfort. The unit itself is exceptional with the staff and specialists going out of their way to make you feel safe and cared for.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 13.10.14


“I was unfortunate enough to have a serious eye injury at the age of 20 in 2008. I had a glass thrown at me, it smashed on my cheek and popped my eye. I was taken to hospital to be rushed in for an operation. I couldn’t be operated on straight away as I was under the influence of alcohol. It wasn’t until the morning after. Before the operation I was spoken to by the surgeon who told me there was a chance he would have to remove my eye. I cried and begged him almost on my knees to do the best he could to save my eye. When I came round after the operation I was given the relieving news my eye had been saved but they had to remove the lens due to damage. I had stitches on the inside and outside of my eye for no less than 4 months. It wasn’t a very nice experience. The vision in my damaged eye was zero. Everything was a blur. Luckily I still had another perfectly working eye, but this didn’t stop me from thinking I would never live a normal life again. After a number of appointments to check and make sure the eye was healing correctly. I was issued with a contact lens and to my suprise I could see again it was a miracle. I could finally smile again. You don’t realise what you’ve got until it’s gone and that was the case with my eyesight. Your eyes are the best part of your body and I would recommend anybody to take as much care of their eyes as possible. 6 years on and I still have a 6 monthly check up at the hospital. I now have 20/20 vision in my damaged eye and couldn’t be happier with the service I receive from the eye unit at Bolton hospital.They have helped me through the darkest period of my life and I couldn’t be more grateful.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 10.09.14


“Everyone I have dealt with has been both kind and considerate, don’t mean to go overboard but I don’t believe my treatment could have been better anywhere. The surgery itself was painless and quick. It has changed my life. I now rarely wear glasses and then only when the light is poor. Cannot wait to have the other eye done. Well done everyone, Garry Howarth.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 01.08.14


“I had an operation for cataracts and glaucoma on the 16th June. Unfortunately on Sat 28th June my sight deteriorated and I could not see properly. I went to A&E, I was seen promptly and transferred to the Eye Dept. There I saw a doctor who gave me a thorough eye examination. I would just like to say a big thank you to all concerned, including the staff at A&E.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 01.07.14


“Having worn glasses from the age of 5 and my eyes were gradually going worse. Late 2011 in my mid 50s, my vision went from bad to worse. I woke up one morning with hardly any vision at all. Through a visit to my opticians, who saw me that day, I was given an emergency appointment at RBH eye department the next day. They were fantastic nothing was too much trouble. I had fluid at the back of they eye. No driving, no work, I was devastated to say the least. I had scans, x rays and even given the services of social workers. My life had fallen apart. After numerous appointments to the hospital I was given the chance to have Lucentis injections in the eye. The first one I couldn’t believe the difference. However after a few days my sight faded a little but it was still a big improvement. I had more injections and each time my eyesight improved. Each time I went to the hospital for the injections it felt strange to be sat in a waiting room with other patients older than myself. But they all said the same that Lucentis injections had improved there vision. After my second injection and going into the waiting room I found myself helping and giving comfort to the people who had come for the first time, as it is a terrifying experience the first time not knowing what to expect. After the injections I was informed that I had cataracts on both eyes. I then had surgery to remove the cataracts. My eyesight has never been this good. My left eye I still have problems with and I am soon to undertake laser treatment. I have nothing but full praise for the help of the doctor and his team at the Royal Bolton Hospital Eye department. Without their dedication and help, my life would not be worth living. I would be helpless, unable to see my family grow up, work and have my own home. I am very grateful, it makes you realise that your eyes are very precious. Lucentis injections have definitely helped to control my condition. I have nothing but praise for the Eye Department Team at Bolton, all the nurses, surgeons, receptionist everyone was fantastic. If anyone has eye problems rest assured you will be in good hands at the eye department. Thank you for giving me my life back.”

Posted on NHS Choices website


“I have now had about 10 lucentis injections for Macular Degeneration and they have definitely saved my eyesight. The procedure itself is nothing to worry about, and I have nothing but praise for the efficient and caring staff and consultants at Bolton Royal Hospital, to whom I am forever grateful. The only criticism I do have, however, is the slowness of the appointment system.”

Posted on NHS Choices website


“Was seen within 4 weeks of my optician referring me to eye unit. Was very happy with the consultant. He was very thorough and explained everything clearly. There were also 2 other doctors who were there and they were also very pleasant and polite. I didn’t have to wait long at any point. Thank you.”

Posted on NHS Choices website


“I have been attending the Eye Hospital for a few years now and have recently been having lucentis treatment for diabetic macular degeneration. I have nothing but praise for this establishment. I am particularly indebted to my consultant who I feel has always gone the extra mile. I am extremely grateful to him. Congratulations to you all.”

Posted on NHS Choices website


“Referred by my optician was seen on arrival. The care and treatment which is still continuing, has been excellent. I have total trust in the department. My condition and treatment have been related to me in a way which I understood.”

Posted on the Patient Opinion website


“I have been treated at Bolton Hospital since 1999, firstly for Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia for which I am in remission and have been for about 10 years thanks to the treatment by the doctor in Haematology . I was admitted in March this year for three days being treated for an infection which required antibiotics and lastly I had cataract removal on 18th November this year which was totally successful and I was discharged one week later after the surgery. I can say that my treatment at the hospital has been of the highest order by every doctor, nurse and admin staff including pharmacy for the last 14 years and I would like to place on record my great appreciation for their expertise, I could not have been treated better.”

Posted on NHS Choices website


“I have macula odema and have been attending Royal Bolton Hospital eye unit for a while, so I would like to thank the consultant and all the staff and nurses for their commitment in helping to improve my eyesight. Carry on the good work. Thank you.”

Posted on NHS Choices website


“Both the consultant and doctor helped by taking the time to ensure my mum fully understood her condition, treatment and prognosis and they did so with great kindness, accuracy and personality.”

Posted on NHS Choices website


“From my first visit (A&E then the Eye Clinic from then on) I feel the care I have received has been wonderful. I’ve been treated with respect and felt I was in good hands.”

Posted on NHS Choices website


I’m writing to highly commend the treatment my mum received for macular degeneration from the doctor and nursing staff in the Ophthalmology Department – she was very worried that she may lose her sight, so the fact she was seen speedily, and treated with care and compassion was very impressive. The pioneering treatment delivered by the doctor has also been successful to date and both mum and I are very pleased she chose to attend RBH.”

Posted on NHS Choices website


“All in all the staff in the AMD department were excellent.”

Posted on NHS Choices website


I have every confidence in the staff and unit as a whole, and would not hesitate in recommending it to anyone considering treatment there. It is no surprise to me that the unit is considered to be one of the foremost units in the country.”

Posted on NHS Choices website


“I have only praise for all the staff at the eye hospital H block.”

Posted on NHS Choices website


“I have appreciated all the care I have received and cannot emphasize how much I value the extra sight I have. Thank you.”

Posted on NHS Choices website

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