Meet the Team

Meet the team - The ParallelWho is The Parallel Team made up of:

There are a number of clinical and non-clinical staff employed at The Parallel who add to a diverse skill mix.

We have a GP with special interest Dr Charlotte Mackinnon, a Nurse Practitioner/ Team Manager Margaret, nine Adolescent Health Nurses and five Public Health Support Workers.


How do you work with other services across Bolton?

In December 2015 our service was redesigned and we became one integrated service which includes the Bolton School Nursing Team, Immunisation Team, Family Healthy Lifestyle Team, Healthy Schools, 360 Substance Misuse Service and the Looked After Nursing and Safeguarding team.

Becoming one team has allowed young people, families and carers to have access to a diverse service which is seamless.

As well as the services mentioned above The Parallel also work with some Local Authority Services including the Youth Offending Team, Leaving Care Team and Phoenix EXIT Team who support young people at risk of child sexual exploitation. We also deliver teaching sessions at a lot of the Bolton youth services.


What skills are required to work at The Parallel?

All the adolescent health nurses are registered nurses with varied experience and additional qualifications such as contraception, reproduction and sexual health, prescribing and implant insertion and removal.

We are skilled in working with young people and have a welcoming and non-judgemental attitude. We are also all trained to safeguarding level three so we can support young people to the best of our ability and keep them safe.

We are proud of The Parallel and the service we provide!


What are the most rewarding aspects of working at The Parallel?

There are many rewarding aspects of our work but the most rewarding is when we empower young people to make positive and informed decisions about their health as this often shapes future outcomes in all aspects of their life, not only in regards to health but also education, employment and social and emotional health and wellbeing.


Is there a myth about The Parallel which you would like to dispel?

Many young people and professionals believe that we are just a sexual health and contraceptive service; however, at The Parallel we see health as being holistic. We look at everything that can affect a young person’s health and wellbeing and this is something we actively try and promote.


Please sum up why The Parallel is so essential?

We are a unique service (the only one of its kind in the country) and we continually work hard to make a difference to the lives of young people in Bolton.

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