New system brings benefits for stroke patients and staff

The Royal Bolton Hospital is getting a new stroke data collection system which will bring benefits for patient care and mean doctors and other staff spend less time doing paperwork and more time with patients.

Stroke unit new IT systemThe new software, known as CaptureStroke, means data can be inputted in real time as staff care for the patient, using computers on the ward or a handheld device at the bedside. Importantly the system flags up if a required procedure has not yet taken place or is incomplete so this can be acted upon quickly and will bring better outcomes for patients.

All stroke units have to complete detailed audits on each stroke patient and submit the information nationally every quarter. Currently this is done by staff retrospectively going through a patient’s notes and in total takes somewhere between 45 minutes and an hour per patient. With around 58 patients a month admitted to the stroke unit – most of whose details need to be recorded – this task is very time consuming and has not always been completed in the required timescales.  It is reckoned that the new data collection system will enable the information to be recorded in around half the time.

DrGillianHalstead_13thMarch2012s (2)Consultant Dr Gillian Halstead, Clinical Lead for Stroke Services, said the software would bring many benefits.

She said: “It is a much more timely way of recording and monitoring the care the patient has received and showing us if further intervention or tests are needed. Also currently senior members of staff spend hours trawling through notes to complete the returns needed. This new system means that at every step in a patient’s care, a doctor, nurse, therapist or others can enter the information at the time it takes place. It will free them up to spend more time actually on patient care.”

It is hoped to start using the system in the next few weeks.

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