HSJ’s 50 most innovative people

Sepsis_16Aug13_02bDr Tom Leach, a recent trainee at the Royal Bolton Hospital, has been named one of the Health Service Journal’s 50 most innovative people in health services.  Tom created a hugely successful website to help other trainees http://almostadoctor.co.uk/ when his university notes became popular with other medical students.

Dr Leach, who now works in Australia, said, “It is like the Wikipedia of medicine, with doctors as editors to verify the content, but it’s written in a simple way. Lots of medical textbooks and journals are written in complex language that is not easy to read or understand, even as a doctor, so I wanted to write something that first-year medical students could read easily.”

After five years of studying medicine at the University of Manchester, Dr Leach said Bolton was his first choice for training. He has completed a number of placements but said that Bolton had been his favourite.

“The staff and patients there had been extremely welcoming and friendly, and Bolton also offered a special leadership training programme, which involved spending time with managers and non-clinic staff to learn about the running of the hospital, and this appealed to me.”

While at Bolton he also created a screensaver to help identify and treat sepsis.

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