Children’s outpatients department receive donation from Bolton Muslim Charity Committee

Staff in the Children’s outpatients department of Bolton NHS Foundation Trust were delighted with a recent donation from the Bolton Muslim Charity Committee.

The £15,000 donation will purchase software and cardiac transducers, which will allow doctors to carry out heart scans on young children.

The money will mean that these young patients will be able to have heart scans at Bolton One at their outpatient appointment, instead of having to have a separate appointment at the hospital.

Fundraising Team at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust:

“We’re very grateful to the Bolton Muslim Charity Committee for their generous donation. Having this specialist equipment at Bolton One will mean a great deal to this group of patients, and greatly improve the service we can offer them at their appointments.”

The donation was made following donations from a number of local mosques, including Salaam Mosque, Taiyyabah Mosque, Masjid Usman, Al-Falah Mosque, Ashrafia Masjid, Makki Mosque and Zakariyya Jaame Masjid.

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