Staff Awards 2016

On Friday 21st October 2016, the Trust celebrated the hard work and commitment of staff and volunteers at the Achievement Awards evening, held at the Macron Stadium. There were many strong nominations for each category and details of the winners are listed below.



Joy Gibbon – Clinical Employee of the Year, with David Wakefield and Jackie Bene

Clinical Employee of the Year – Joy Gibbon, Acute Adult Team Leader, Therapy

Joy was the therapy lead for the pilot and opening of the B1 frailty ward, and during the process has been instrumental in helping to locate and assess dementia patients within the Trust. Her nominator says that ‘the Trust is a better place because of Joy’s dedication and professionalism.’


Non-Clinical Employee of the Year – Donna Yates, Learning and Development Facilitator, Organisational Development and Learning Team

Donna works with passion and energy to support the development of the organisation’s band 1-4 staff, to develop the future workforce through apprenticeships and cadets, and to promote working in the NHS to school leavers.


Team of the Year – Asylum, Refugee and Vulnerable Adults

This team deals with Bolton’s new migrant community, working in a multi-agency partnership to ensure that these patients receive information about their health and accessing NHS services.  They do so with compassion and commitment for these vulnerable patients.


Unsung Hero - Christine Lewis, HCA, D4

Unsung Hero – Christine Lewis, HCA, D4 Ward

Unsung Hero – Christine Lewis, Health Care Assistant, D4 Ward

Christine was nominated for being a role model to staff and for her help and support in training others in her team. She is a dedicated member of the team who is well liked by all. Christine has experienced personal loss in recent years and she has continued to care and support with professionalism.


Innovation Award – The Transfusing Wisely Team

The Transfusing Wisely Team won this award for developing an algorithm that works out how much blood is needed for a successful and safe transfusion. This work has recently been published in the British Journal of Haematology.


Leadership Award – Annette Connolly, Ward Manager, B4

Annette was nominated for how she has improved staff morale on her ward since becoming manager. She is approachable and does all she can to help staff, whilst still caring for patients as if they were family. Annette puts staff and patients at the heart of everything she does.


Patient Choice Award – Barbara Wolstenholme, Midwife

Barbara was nominated by one of her patients whose baby she helped to deliver last year. The patient had a long and complicated labour, and said that what could have been traumatic and worrying experience was amazing because of Barbara’s care. Her patient is now looking to pursue a career in midwifery due to her positive experience, saying that Barbara is an inspiration.


Volunteer_of_year CAMHS Young Voices

The CAMHS Young Voices Group won the Volunteer of the Year Award

Volunteer of the Year – CAMHS Young Voices Group

The Young Voices Group have instigated, developed and delivered a number of innovative projects including the production of a number of short films and animations for the website aimed at reducing the anxiety of others accessing the service. They have also represented the Trust at numerous conferences and events and their work has supported Bolton CAMHS in being shortlisted for numerous awards.


Research Contribution Award – Midwifery Team on Central Delivery Suite

The midwives have been instrumental in identifying and approaching women to take part in the Got-it trial. They have embraced the study and taken time out to discuss it with patients, which if successful, could mean that women may not have to have their placenta removed in theatre. The number of women currently recruited to the trial is above target.


Newcomer of the Year – Community Infection Prevention and Control Team

The team have increased awareness within care homes, schools and nurseries around the importance of reporting and appropriately managing outbreaks of infection. The team have visited schools and carried out education sessions with the smallest of children and liaised with local authority neighbourhood teams to encourage the ‘Making Every Contact Count’ approach to infection control with a view to taking the message to the wider community.


Rushana Hussain, Winner of the Student of the Year Award

Rushana Hussain, Winner of the Student of the Year Award

Student of the Year – Rushana Hussain, Biomedical Scientist

Rushana has been involved in the validation and implementation of various processes and analysers resulting in improved turnaround times allowing clinicians to treat in a more timely fashion saving time, resources and reducing length of stay. She also regularly presents seminars to staff in her department on infectious diseases.


Safety Champion of the Year – Anne-Marie White, Matron, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Anne-Marie has developed, promoted and implemented the ‘fresh eyes’ innovation for the safety of sick infants on the Neonatal Unit. The initiative was highlighted by the CQC as ‘outstanding practice’. Anne-Marie is now presenting this concept within the Neonatal Network.


Inspiration Award – Jo Hepworth, Midwife

Jo is a specialist midwife for foetal anomaly, supporting women who undergo antenatal screening, especially those who have positive results. She provides a wealth of knowledge for these women who value her skills, her calm and reassuring manner, her patience and her unfailing availabili¬ty to them. Jo is hugely committed to her patients and is always available to them often in her own time. She also supports her colleagues providing knowledge and emotional support, which is essential in the delivery of this sometimes very stressful service.


Steve Tyldsley - Chief Executive and Chairman's Award

Steve Tyldsley – Chief Executive and Chairman’s Award

Chief Executive and Chairman’s Award – Steve Tyldsley, Director of Estates and Facilities

Steve won the final award of the night for his drive and dedication to continuously improve estates and facilities services across the Trust. He strives to improve the environment for patients and staff, making the very best of our limited resources. Steve is very highly regarded not just in Bolton, but across Greater Manchester, but despite this he has always stayed loyal to Bolton.





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