Trust gives lifesaving early Christmas gifts to the Bolton community

Bolton NHS Foundation Trust has given 30 defibrillators to charity Defibs4Bolton to distribute to schools, groups and clubs in Bolton.

The defibrillators are no longer needed at the Royal Bolton Hospital, which has recently bought newer models, but are in good working order. The donated ones are automatic and can be used by untrained members of the public. The new ones at the hospital include models which are more complex and can provide additional functions such as monitoring.

Trust resuscitation officer Stephen Clift explained: “The hospital has a number of critically ill patients at any one time so we need the latest model of defibrillators, but the previous ones can still be used. We decided to donate them to the community – the more places that have this lifesaving equipment the better.”

Defibrillator donation

Pictured are, left to right: Stephen Clift, Resuscitation Officer; Tracey Garde, Chair of Defibs4Bolton and a matron at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust; John Murphy Team Leader, Electronic and BioMedical Engineering.


The Trust has given the equipment to Defibs4Bolton, whose Chair, Tracey Garde, is a matron at the hospital and cardiac nurse by background.

Tracey was inspired to start a campaign to put defibrillators in every school and sports club in Bolton after Wanderers’ footballer Fabrice Muamba received lifesaving treatment when his heart stopped during a match. The charity has already distributed over 120 defibrillators.

Tracey said: “This is a wonderful early Christmas present for people in Bolton. It is a fantastic opportunity for us to ensure Bolton is a safe place for the residents and gives them a better chance of surviving a cardiac arrest. 12-15 young people die every week in the UK of sudden cardiac arrest and with early access to defibrillators and people who can perform resuscitation this situation can only improve.”

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