Enhanced recovery programme on postnatal ward

Enhanced Recovery postnatal 2

Pictured: The team on M4

A new recovery programme has been introduced on the postnatal ward, which aims to help women who have had caesarean sections recover faster, and ultimately go home with their new baby more quickly.

The change means that two bays on M4 ward are specifically dedicated for post-section patients, and is a first for the Princess Anne Maternity Unit. Women who are scheduled for a caesarean are given information about the ward at ante-natal appointments, though they can decide after they’ve had the baby if they’d like to be cared for in this area.

Benefits include the continuity of staffing as they are all based in the same place. The programme also aims to encourage earlier mobility of patients and earlier removal of catheters, on account of clear pathways which look at the individual’s recovery and not set time frames for each stage of the process. It is expected that this will minimise the risk of infections and complications.

New equipment has been purchased for the area, and they can currently accommodate up to eight women across the bays. It is anticipated that having women who have had the same procedure in one place will encourage them to support and help each other through the early stages post birth.

Patients have also been feeding back their views, which have been really positive:

  • “I felt well cared for”
  • “It was lovely to share the experience with other  women who had undergone same procedure”
  • “It was lovely to be able to walk to the bathroom 7 hours after surgery, it gave me the independence and dignity I needed.”

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