Innovative £6.6m energy schemes launched at the Royal Bolton Hospital

A range of innovative energy schemes are now in place at the Royal Bolton Hospital bringing savings and sustainability while reducing carbon emissions and air pollution.

The projects were officially launched with the opening of the John Horlick Energy Centre, named after a former Operational Estates Manager who was closely involved with the programme but sadly passed away recently.

The centre houses a clean gas fired combined heat and power plant which produces electricity and uses waste heat to provide heating and hot water for the hospital while reducing carbon emissions. It replaces two coal fired boilers.

The hospital site’s engineering infrastructure has been upgraded to provide modern energy efficient heating and hot water plant.

The hospital has also started to extract water from a natural source under its Farnworth site. The water is treated on site so that it is suitable for drinking and will provide 95% of the hospital’s  usage. The source naturally renews itself.

In addition, Bolton NHS Foundation Trust has agreed to offer the hospital’s standby generator electrical supplies when not needed, to provide electricity to the National Grid at times of high demand.

The work was carried out by iFM Bolton in collaboration with Breathe Energy Ltd. who were awarded a £6.6m contract and have guaranteed savings of £887k a year for a period of 15 years.  In addition the energy programme will reduce carbon emissions by over 7,000 tonnes a year and improve efficiency and safety.

Stephen Tyldesley is Managing Director of iFM Bolton, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bolton NHS Foundation Trust.

He said: “There are so many benefits of this energy programme, both in terms of savings and environmentally. It will provide efficient, safe energy for patients , staff and visitors, reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality for local people.”

Gary Parke is Managing Director of Breathe Energy, a specialist contractor.

He said: “ We’ve been very pleased to work together with iFM Bolton on this programme which will deliver significant savings for the NHS.”

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