Haematology Consultant Clinical Scientist receives OBE for services to blood transfusion and patient care

Dr Sharran Grey, Honorary Haematology Consultant Clinical Scientist at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust, has today been awarded an OBE in the 2021 New Year Honours for Services to Blood Transfusion and Patient Care.

Dr Grey, who has worked for the NHS for 34 years, currently holds an honorary position at the Trust and continues to live in Bolton. She has specialised in blood transfusion throughout her career, and is currently based at the Lancashire Haematology Centre in Blackpool.

Dr Grey has also had a passion for research and innovation that improves patients’ care and experience of their healthcare. Her doctoral research on ‘accelerated blood transfusion’ allowed patients to be selected for faster blood transfusions, which meant they spent less time in healthcare settings, had a more comfortable experience, and also a more efficient use of NHS resources. She won the NHS England Chief Scientific Officer’s Award in 2017 for this research.

Her research whilst at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust led to the development of a ‘Red Cell Dosage Calculator’: a web app designed to more accurately dose the amount of blood a patient needs to correct their anaemia. This not only improved the effectiveness of blood transfusions for more patients, but also helped conserve precious donor blood. She is now working to make the app available to the wider NHS.

Dr Grey said:

“Blood transfusion is life-saving, and is part of the backbone of a hospital as so many patients rely on it to get them through surgery, trauma, childbirth, chemotherapy and many other medical conditions. A blood transfusion starts with the blood donor and ends with the patient and I am part of a huge multi-professional team supporting that process.

“Everything I do, and every decision I make starts with the patient: whether this has been for research and innovation, the services I am responsible for, or my service to the individual patients in my care. None of this is possible without the amazing people who I work with across the NHS and beyond. It is an honour and a privilege for my individual contribution to be recognised in this way, to be a role-model for my profession as a Clinical Scientist, and to be part of our wonderful NHS.”

Fiona Noden, Chief Executive of Bolton NHS Foundation Trust said:

“I’m absolutely delighted for Sharran to be recognised for her many achievements. I am constantly amazed by our clinicians and other specialists who not only do the ‘day job’ but are constantly striving for more – to better the experience and the outcomes for our patients.

“That passion and drive to make things better for others is what makes the NHS tick, and I’m incredibly proud to have people like Dr Grey working within it.”

Dr Grey will receive her OBE officially in a ceremony next year.

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