Intensive care unit blown away by the kind donation

Staff on our intensive care unit were blown away by the kind donation from a local family last week, in thanks and recognition of the care they gave to their father when he was critically ill in 2018. The family have also been supported by the fundraising efforts of a friend whose husband was also cared for by the unit when he had COVID in April last year.

Kelly Hulton and Samantha Guest’s father Kevin Baggaley was a patient on the unit in 2018.

Kelly said:

“It was the hardest and saddest time we have ever experienced, the staff on ICU and HDU fought so hard trying every last option possible to keep our dad alive though the odds were so slim. But they succeeded, they saved his life, and we will be forever grateful.”

Sam added:

“I’ve never met anyone like them, you just know how much they genuinely care. We’ll never forget them.”

The family raised over £3,000 with the help of family friend Julie Fletcher, whose husband Mark received “amazing care and treatment” for COVID last year. The team fundraised in their community, and thanked the generosity of others to help them reach their goal.

As an additional treat, the family gave the unit crates of bottled water, juice, tea and coffee, to make their shifts a little easier where possible.

Kelly said:

“We can never truly show our appreciation but we hope the treats left for all the staff and the money donated shows how grateful we are to each and every one of the staff. They truly deserve their weight in gold.”

Sarah Skinner, the Trust’s Charitable Fund manager said:

“The staff on the unit were touched beyond words, and there were tears from a few who were just so grateful for the thought and support. They remembered Kevin and Mark from their time on the unit and were very moved by the gesture.

“Thank you so much to Kelly, Sam and Julie for their thoughts and generosity.”

We’re pleased to say that both men have gone on to make a full recovery.

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