New clinical assessment unit opens its doors

We’re excited to announce that one of our big capital projects is now complete.

On Monday 1st February, we opened our new clinical assessment area which forms part of our urgent care services and will help reduce congestion in our A&E department.

The new unit connects onto the existing ACU Department, and will provide 9 assessment rooms and 10 trolley bays for people who need emergency care, but don’t need to be treated at A&E, or be admitted to one of our wards.

This will really support us to minimise the spread of COVID-19 and help us triage patients to the most appropriate place in hospital to prevent further spread of COVID-19.


Developing our estate is a key priority for the next five years. We want to make sure that we make the best use of the space that we have, and to use it to make a positive contribution to our local communities.

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