Our new hospital – our bid for phase one

We’re working on plans for our estate and want to build a new hospital within our existing grounds in Farnworth, Bolton, starting with phase one which include maternity, neonatal, gynaecology and breast services.

We want to share our ambitions with you to give you the opportunity to tell us what you would want from a new hospital.

This page gives you some more information and details about how to share your thoughts on our short survey or by joining one of our online events.

You can also download Our new hospital – information leaflet.

Why do we need a new hospital?

The Victorians did us proud. The workhouse and other hospital buildings they created in 1861 have stood the test of time and are still being used by some departments and wards.  But Victorian needs are no longer ours: while we are still able to provide safe and effective care, this hospital isn’t fit to last another generation. We want a new hospital!

  • Our population and their health needs in Bolton is growing, getting older and has more complex needs
  • Health services need to be more integrated and delivered more according to patient need – closer to home or in a way that makes a visit more comfortable.
  • The estate is in need of significant repair, modernisation and upgrade. This is costly and takes too much time and it’s simply not good enough to meet what our community needs in the future.

What’s in phase one?

We are currently working with iFM on an estates master plan for the whole site. It’s a large site and we have big plans for it but are breaking this down into phases.

In phase one, we are making a bid for a brand new building on the current Royal Bolton Hospital site that will incorporate:

  • Maternity;
  • Neonatal;
  • Gynaecology;
  • breast services including screening

We are also scoping the inclusion of the following services within phase one:

  • Paediatric wards and children’s ED;
  • day case surgery unit;
  • chemotherapy services.

What will it look like?

Creating the design of the phase one building forms part of the work we’re doing now to create the outline strategic case but it will be based on design principles that will help us achieve a successful bid. We’ve got some initial artist impressions but there’s lots more to do on this.

We’re involving our doctors, nurses and health professionals in developing the design to make sure it best meets clinical needs. Our digital and estates specialists are involved to make sure the proposed design can deliver the best of current and future IT and improve our impact on the local environment.

What are the benefits of a new hospital?

Our new hospital will help deliver the best health and care

  • It will bring our services together in a way that lets us develop and deliver even more exceptional care.
  • Our hospital and community services will be able to work together more effectively with a greater emphasis on helping people support their own health and wellbeing

Our new hospital will support new ways of working

  • Designed to embed the newest technologies in the fabric of the site to help develop future capabilities
  • Maximise space to make it more efficient to run, meaning precious resources can be focused on patient care

Our new hospital will be cost-effective, modern and inclusive

  • Will bring people together and connect organisations with communities in a beautiful sustainable environment
  • Designed to be inclusive to all our community needs. A place where everyone is welcome and no one is excluded

What’s happening when?

We are aiming to have a strategic outline case approved by our Board of Directors in April so that when the government opens up the window to bid we will be ready.

We know we have a long way to go but like the Victorians before us, we won’t stop aspiring for more and we won’t stop putting our community at the heart of our plans. We won’t stop planning for this until it happens.

Phase one is the beginning of what will be our new hospital…for a better Bolton.

Get involved – join our meetings

We’d like to hear from our patients, our visitors and our communities about what you think we need to include in the design.

Due to the pandemic we can’t host face-to-face public meetings but we’ve set up some virtual meetings that you can join through your computer or your telephone. We’ll give a short presentation on our plans and then you will have the chance to ask questions or provide us with feedback.

  • Weds 17th Feb 19.00-20.30
  • Sunday 21st Feb 14.00-15.30
  • Tuesday 23rd Feb 19.00-20.30
  • Saturday 27th Feb 14.00-15.30

How to join

We use Cisco Webex for our online meetings.

To join the meeting online:

  1. Go to the Cisco Webex Meetings Online site
  2. Click the Join box for your meeting.
  • The meeting join page appears.
  1. Enter your name (This is the name that will appear in the Participants panel for your meeting), your email address, and the meeting password 147 025 254
  2. Click the Join button.

To join the meeting by phone:

  1. call 020-3478-5289 and follow the prompts.
  2. The meeting password is 147 025 254

Get involved – give us your feedback

If you’re not able to join a meeting but would still like to give us your thoughts and feedback about our please spend a few minutes completing this short survey.

If you register your details in the survey we will keep you up-to-date with information about how the plans progress.

You can also email communications@boltonft.nhs.uk with any comments or questions.

There’s more information about our plan on this leaflet.

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