New tool exclusive to Bolton to prevent falls

Falls lead at the Trust Tony Mackay has designed ‘My fallers ID’; a tool unique to Bolton to support staff caring for patients at risk of falls and help them remember the key risk factors associated with falls. The aim is that this will reduce falls by reminding staff of all the elements to consider when putting falls management plans in place for those most at risk.

The My Fallers ID acronym gives staff visual prompts to implement key elements of the plan, including checking blood pressure, identifying sensory needs, considering the environment and much more.

Tony said, “I wanted to help staff in thinking holistically when supporting patients at risk of falls. We thought it was really important to have a visual prompt to help them when caring for patients, and I devised the acronym to help them remember the key risk factors.”

Lucy Bradshaw, Matron in our acute services added, “We noticed at falls panels that there were some recurring themes, which the acronym will support to reduce. Staff across the trust are now aware of the tool, and it is now fully embedded in the list of interventions that can be applied to prevent falls.”

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