4th April 2013

Please click on the links below to download copies of the papers from the Board meeting on the 4th April 2013.

1. Public Board Meeting Agenda 4.4.13 [417kb] PDF

4. Minutes of meeting held 7.2.13 [127kb] PDF

5. Action Sheet from 7.2.13 [18.6kb] PDF

8. Performance Dashboard 4.4.13 [449kb] PDF

8. Board Performance Report 4.4.13 [1.6mb] PDF

10. Pressure Ulcers Exception Report 4.4.13 [70.1kb] PDF

10. C Difficile Exception Report 4.4.13 [52.8kb] PDF

10. Safe staffing levels Exception Report 4.4.13 [50.6kb] PDF

11. 18 Weeks RTT Exception Report 4.4.13 [182kb] PDF

11. Theatre Utilisation Exception Report 4.4.13 [180kb] PDF

11. Cancelled Ops Exception Report 4.4.13 [150kb] PDF

12. Mandatory Training Exception Report 4.4.13 [153kb] PDF

12. Attendance Management Exception Report 4.4.13 [201kb] PDF

13. Staff Survey 4.4.13 [286kb] PDF

14. Month 11 Finance Report 4.4.13 [231kb] PDF

15. 2013/14 Financial Plan 4.4.13 [113kb] PDF

16. Duty of Candour 4.4.13 [69kb] PDF

17. Academic Health Science Network 4.4.13 [220kb] PDF

18. MOU for Cancer Provider Service 4.4.13 [547kb] PDF


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We would like to thank you for your understanding and helping us stop the spread of Covid-19.

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