Election Results

Council of Governor elections results can be found below:

Election Results 2007 – Report on Voting 2007 [124KB]

Election Results 2008 – Report on Voting 2008 [97KB]

Election Results 2009 – Report on Voting 2009 a [127KB] Report on Voting 2009 b [84KB]

Election Results 2010 – Report on Voting 2010 a [41KB] Report on Voting 2010 b [41KB]

Election Results 2011 – Report on Voting 2011 a [93KB] report on Voting 2011 b [150KB]

Election Results 2012 – Report on Voting 2012 [145KB]

Election Results 2013 – Report on Voting 2013 [118KB]

Election Results 2014 – Report on Voting 2014 a [216KB] Report on Voting 2014 b [215KB] Report on Voting 2014 c [215KB] Report on Voting 2014 d [167KB] Report on Voting 2014 e [203KB]

Election Results 2015 – Report on Voting 2015 a [203KB] Report on Voting 2015 b [202KB]

Election Results 2016 – Report on voting 2016 [123KB]

Election Results 2017 – Report on Voting 2017 [494KB]

Election Results 2018 – Report on Voting a [328kb] PDF Report on Voting b [317kb] PDF

Election Results 2019 – Report on voting 2019 a [163kb] PDF Report on voting 2019 b [164kb] PDF

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