Transparency Project

We are one of a number of North West hospitals that took part in the ‘Transparency Project’ which was a pilot for the Open and Honest Care Programme encouraging organisations to be open and transparent about how they are doing in important areas of patient safety and quality of care.

As a member of the Transparency Project we looked at the number of falls that have caused moderate to severe harm to patients, and the number of patients who developed pressure ulcers. In general it is older, frailer patients who are most susceptible to these. We committed to publishing these figures each month on our website.

We were very pleased that the Royal Bolton Hospital was a pilot site for the transparency project as we firmly believe that patients, public and staff have a right to know how we’re doing in terms of safety and patient experience. We have used this information to monitor our performance and listen to and learn from what our patients and staff tell us.

We are also encouraging nurses and midwives to log on to (links to external website) and register their commitment to “Energise for Excellence”, a commitment for nurse-led care quality improvement.

See below for our Transparency Project monthly reports.