Research Performance

As part of our contractual arrangements with the Department of Health, the Trust is obliged to publish:

  • Performance on Initiating Research – for all clinical interventional studies
  • Performance on Delivery of Research – for all commercial interventional studies

The information available includes all eligible clinical interventional and commercial studies that have been submitted for approval and have been open to recruitment at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust in the past 12 months. This information is updated every three months.

Initiating Research – setting up research studies and recruiting the first patient

All clinical research that takes place in the NHS must have the required regulatory approvals. It is the responsibility of each Trust participating in a study to ensure that the required approvals are in place and confirm that the Trust has the capacity and capability to participate, before commencing recruitment.   Our Trust works hard to streamline its research processes to set up clinical trials quicker, whilst maintaining robust governance procedures.

The Performance on Initiating Research report provides timeline data on research set-up and is used by the Trust to pinpoint areas for improvement at local level and highlight reasons for a delay in first patient recruited.

Performance in Initiating

Published on 30/10/2020

Delivering Clinical Research – recruiting to time and target

When setting up a commercial research study the Trust must agree to recruit a certain number of participants in a particular timeframe. The NIHR are encouraging transparency of this information and below is our data for delivering commercial research “to time and target”.

Performance in Delivering
Published on 30/10/2020

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