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Reference 2018-295

…abelled Medicines for your trust over the past three years. Please can the data be broken down to show the spend by year showing Unlicensed Medicines made in the UK and then Imported pharmaceuticals procured from outside the UK and Over Labelled Medicines. Response: YEAR UK Manufactured Specials Named Patient Imports Over Labelled Medicines (TTA Packs) Total Spend 2015 Β£237,173.22 Β£0 Β£34,132.71 Β£271,305.93 2016 Β£295,208.72 Β£0 Β£61,655.70…

Dec 2017 FOI request

…Media A&E attendance 01/12/2017 2017 – 673 Marketing General Data Protection Regulation agreements 04/12/2017 2017 – 674 Marketing Vacancies for doctors 04/12/2017 2017 – 675 Marketing Security seals in pharmacy 04/12/2017 2017 – 676 Marketing Doctors in training fellowships 04/12/2017 2017 – 677 Media Average and longest waits for cancer treatment 04/12/2017 2017 – 678 Marketing Agency spend 05/12/2017…

Oct 2019 FOI request

…2019-607 Marketing Cataract surgery 02/10/2019 2019-608 Marketing Referral-to-Treatment time for cataract surgery 03/10/2019 2019-609 Media Flu jabs for frontline workers 03/10/2019 2019-610 Individual Abortion pills ordered online 03/10/2019 2019-611 Marketing Workforce bank and agency 07/10/2019 2019-612 Researcher Da Vinci robot 07/10/2019 2019-613 Individual Workforce Race equality standards (WRES) data and the Trust’s compliance 07/10/2019…


…lude a detailed description of any error messages, preferably with a screenshot, in your email. If you are a lead employer doctor you will need to contact for ESR access. Contact the team Email: Location: Bolton NHS Foundation Trust | Workforce Directorate| N Block | Ground Floor Office Hours: Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm Attachments and Links Online payslip FAQs ESR…

Reference 2017-599

REF: 2017-599 Subject: Incident reporting Request: Which system does your Trust use for incident reporting? How can staff report incidents at your Trust? (select all that apply) Online incident form Paper incident form (excluding form used when an online system is unavailable) Mobile app Telephone helpline Other (please specify) What things do your Trust do to encourage a good incident reporting culture? How do you ensure staff comply with the…

Reference 2018-164

…for this service? Shared drives: Yes/No If yes: Are the shared drives managed internally by the Trust or externally by an outside provider? (What is the name of the outside provider, and what is the length of this contract?) Online portal: Yes/No If yes: What online portal does the Trust currently use and what is the length of the contract/licence for this service? Other not mentioned above: please provide details of the service used. 4.) If you…

Reference 2019-610

…REF: 2019-610 Subject: Abortion pills ordered online Request: In the last three years, have any cases of women being admitted because they took abortion pills ordered online been recorded by staff at the hospitals looked after by your trust? Response: We do not record this information. Β …

Reference 2017-274

…complete questions a –g. If no, please proceed to question 2. What is the core purpose of these system/s? Do these system/s integrate with your organisations financial management systems? Do these system/s enable e-payments, online payments or BACS transactions? Which company/companies are you contracted to for each bespoke software system? What is the total value of each of these contracts over their respective terms? When does the current…

Volunteer with us

…ience and specific skills. Click here to access our online application form Alternatively, if you would like to find out more about volunteering with us before you apply then please email us at or phone us on tel: 01204 390560. Interview If we think that there may be a role available for you we will invite you in for an interview in order to work out whether you will be suitable for the role. If you are offered…


…or called insulting names having hurtful rumours spread about you or being ignored receiving offensive texts, phone calls, or emails putting embarrassing photos, video clips, blogs, pages or messages about someone on social networking or other websites and chat rooms. Β  Anyone can be bullied. Sometimes people pick on something that makes you different to other people. Sometimes there is no particular reason at all for someone to bully you….

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