Bereavement and Donor Support Services


By its very nature, a death is distressing to everyone. The emotional and physical reactions that follow are usually intense and they may confuse, frighten and shock.

You may also be surprised by reactions that are unfamiliar and seemingly out of character. As individuals, grief is a unique experience. Coping with this grief varies, but it may help to express your feelings and emotions by talking to others.

The Bereavement and Donor Support Team is available to offer advice and support to help you cope and understand your reactions in the first days following the loss of your relative or friend.


Tissue Donation

Whether your relative has died in the hospital or the community, they may be able to donate tissues (corneas/ skin/ bone) for transplantation. Many people have expressed a wish in life by carrying a donor card, registering on the organ donor register or have expressed a wish to become a donor at some time in the past.

It may be possible for a tissue donation to be made up to 24 hours after the death of the donor. If you would like to speak to someone in more detail about donation please contact the Bereavement and Donor Support Team via the hospital switch board.

A number of staff from the Trust have been involved in creating a video to ask people to think about joining the Organ Donor Register and to help other people to live after their death.

This video particularly reaches out to South Asian people as the need for a transplant in the South Asian community is more than three times higher than that of the general population. A transplant is much more likely to be successful if the donor and recipient have the same ethnic origin, however only 1% of people on the Organ Donor Register are from the South Asian community. This means that South Asian people wait twice as long for a kidney transplant. They may even die before they get a transplant.

Organ donation is not something that you think about every day…but the reality is that it may affect any one of us, our friends, families and community at any time. Watch our video and consider if you believe in organ donation and would like to sign up to the register and inform your family of your wishes.


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