Reference 2016-192

REF:            2016-192

Subject:        Use of specific high technology medical equipment




  1. Please state the make and model of the machine,
  2. The hospital in which it is located
  3. Its value (an insurance valuation is fine. If unavailable, please state the nature of the valuation provided)
  4. Annual maintenance costs
  5. Expected weekly operating hours (ie Siemens MRI: 09:00 – 17:00 M-F, etc)
  6. The number of separate uses of the machine in 2015 (for example, LINAC – 3000 separate uses; Lithotripter – 5000 separate uses)
  7. Whether the machine has been bought, replaced, or disposed of during this timeframe
  • The date of such an event
  • The reason




Please find information attached.

2016-192 – FOI Request – Use of specific high technology medical equipment [334 kb] PDF