Reference 2016-217

REF:            2016-217

Subject:        Personal Service Companies




I am making a Freedom of Information request under the FOIA 2000. Please provide, in an excel spreadsheet, the following information about payments made by the Trust to Personal Service Companies over the past five financial years (2011/12 to 2015/16). Please indicate:

  1. The date of the payment;
  2. The name of the Personal Service Company that payment was made to;
  3. The size (£) of the payment;
  4. The “Expense Area” and “Expense Type” of the payment.




We do not specifically record information on Personal Service Companies (PSC) in our systems so are unable to answer this question.


However for our Annual Report/Accounts we have to identify any off payroll engagements (which would usually be through a PSC) against the following criteria

a) is paid £220 or more per day

b) engaged in regular hours for a continuous period over 6 months


We have only had to report this since 2014/15 and the information can be found in our Annual Report/Accounts: