Reference 2016-218

REF:            2016-218

Subject:        Orthopaedic drills




How many orthopaedic drills (hand pieces suitable for large bone surgery) does the trust own? Please could you provide an asset register / stock list with the name of the manufacturer, drill model number and purchase price & date of each drill? Limited to the last 5 years.

Are surgical power tools purchased as individual hand pieces or as complete systems? If they are purchased as complete systems, please could you list the items in each system including drill batteries?



We currently have 12 x Large drills which are suitable for Large Bone Surgery. These were purchased as a set and attached is a breakdown of what is included.

Desoutter Large [67 kb] PDF

We have purchased  seven on these drills within the last five years.

Supplier: Desoutter, Model, Orthodrive, Model No: MBQ-700, £15,690.84 each, Purchased February 2015