Reference 2016-459

REF:            2016-459

Subject:        Agency spend




  1. For the financial year 2015 / 2016, what was your spend per agency and the names of each agency, broken down in to the following staff groups:

– Psychologists

– High Intensity Therapists

– Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners

– CAMHS Practitioners

– Counsellors


  1. Do you currently hold any contractual agreements including Master Vendor, Neutral Vendor, Preferred Supplier, Sole Supplier with any staffing agency? When will these contractual agreements be reviewed?
  1. Do you use any suppliers or systems to manage the release of vacancies to agencies and bank workers? (If so, please state the name of the company used and the staffing categories managed. If you use different suppliers/systems for different staffing categories, please specify.)




Please find information attached.

2016-459-foi-request-agency-spend [97 kb] PDF