Reference 2016-523

REF:            2016-523

Subject:        Maternity Closures



Could you please supply the information for the last year from the date on which you receive this request?

Could you please tell me on how many occasions, in the last year from today’s date, maternity units at your trust had to close their doors to admissions on a temporary basis due to the unit already being full?

For each temporary closure to new admissions, could you please give me the name of the unit and the date and the length of time the unit could not take new admissions for?

Could you please give me the reason for the temporary closure to new admissions?

During the temporary closures to new admissions could you please tell me how many women were directed to another maternity unit?

For each mother re-directed to another unit, could you please tell me which unit the mother was re-directed to?




Bolton NHS Foundation Trust has had no closures for 12 months up to date of email 16th September.