Reference 2017-268

REF:            2017-268

Subject:        Hospital food costs and food wastage




  1. Could you tell me the cost of feeding one inpatient per day (patient meal day) calculated in the same way it is done for the ERIC data?

I would like the average daily cost for the provision of all meals and beverages fed to one inpatient per day. The cost should include all pay and non-pay, including provisions, ward issues, disposables, equipment and its maintenance. This is not the average cost for a single meal but for all meals and beverages delivered to the patients in one day. Please supply the latest possible data 2016/17.


  1. Could you tell me the number of wasted meal servings using the same calculation methods used in the ERIC reporting system. Although this figure is no longer included in the ERIC reporting I would still like to see latest figures. Please supply up to date figures including 2017. For plated meal systems, this is the number (calculated over the full menu cycle or 7 days where no menu cycle is used), of unserved in-patient meals remaining at the end of the meals service period expressed as a percentage of the total number of meals provided and available at the commencement of the meal service period.




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