Reference 2017-271

REF:            2017-271

Subject:        Staff training



  1. What percentage of staff have you trained – face to face and by e-learning separately please.
  2. Frequency (TNA) and duration of fire training sessions for staff e.g. We undertake face to face training for all frontline staff/lab staff/estates etc. annually and office workers have alternate years of online and face-to-face. Face to face classroom training last 30 minutes.
  3. Number of code 1 and code 2 alarms per year. Last 5 financial years
  4. Number of Fire Brigade visits (emergency and familiarisation visits, separate please)
  5. Number of unwanted fire signals in each of the last 5 financial years.
  6. Number of substantive employees.




The Freedom of Information have been closed as per requestor request.