Reference 2017-309

REF:            2017-309

Subject:        Ransomware attacks




(1)  Do you deal with computer security in-house or do you use a contractor?

(2)  If you use a contractor what is the name of the company?

(3)  How much do you pay the contractor?

(4)  Who is your Head of IT or equivalent role who has responsibility for making systems secure?

(5)  How much is your Head of IT paid?

(6) How many devices did you have running:

  1. a) Windows XP
  2. b) Windows Vista
  3. c) Windows 7
  4. d) Windows 8

(7) On which date was the trust informed of the patch for MS-17-010 which protects against the Wannacry exploit?

(8) How many of computers running each of the operating systems above were not patched for MS-17-010 which would have protected against Wannacry? Please give a separate answer for each operating system.

(9) When do you think you will have phased out all unsupported systems?

(10) How many bed days does the trust estimate have been lost as a result of ransomware attacks in the past three years?



Please find information attached.

2017-309 – FOI rerquest – Ransomware attacks [115 kb] PDF