Reference 2017-310

REF:            2017-310

Subject:        Cancer referral for an MRI scan




  1. What is the trust target time for an urgent suspected cancer referral for an MRI scan?
  2. If question 1 does not apply what is the target time for a USC referral to have a diagnostic test?
  3. How many of the referrals in your trust has failed to reach either of the above target from 1/4/16 to 1/4/17?
  4. Is there a financial penalty if either of the above targets are not met? If so what is this?
  5. What are the make/model, date of installation and date of renewal for your existing MRI scanners?
  6. During the 2016 calendar year how what was the total number of MRI scans performed within your trust?
  7. Of the total number of scans how many examinations were brain/head, IAMS, lumbar spine (or lumbar sacral spine), Cervical spine, shoulder, elbow, wrist/scaphoid, hand/finger/thumb, hip, knee, ankle and foot scans?




Please find information attached.

2017-310 – FOI Request – Cancer referral for an MRI scan [110 kb] PDF