Reference 2017-313

REF:            2017-313

Subject:        Monthly non-medical workforce and agency spend 2010-2017




I write with a request for information under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act.

I would like to know:

  1. a) Your organisation’s total spend on non-medical workforce pay and
  2. b) Your organisation’s total agency spend on non-medical staff

Please provide this information by calendar month for the months beginning January 2010 to May 2017.

By non-medical we mean all staff ordinarily employed on Agenda for Change contracts, including all operational, scientific, estates and support staff, and all clinical but non-medical staff (e.g. nurses, midwives etc.).

I would like this information to be provided in pounds sterling (£).

If possible, it would be preferable for the information to be supplied in the following format.

Month Non-medical staff spend Non-medical agency spend
January 2010    
February 2010    
March 2010    
April 2010    
May 2010    
June 2010    
July 2010    
August 2010    
… etc    
… etc    
May 2017    




Please find information attached.

2017-313 – FOI request Monthly non-medical workforce and agency spend 2010-2017 [199 kb] PDF

We do not hold the level of detail required to answer this question that far back. We hold the annual values only as used to produce the accounts, for 6 years, but only keep the detail for a few years.