Reference 2018-287

REF:            2018-287

Subject:        NIPT tests




  1. Do you carry out NIPT testing?
  2. Numbers of cases of Down’s syndrome detected
  3. Numbers of invasive tests (probes, needles inserted into uterus, chorionic villus sampling)
  4. Numbers of miscarriages avoided
  5. Numbers of pregnancy outcomes
  6. Costs associated with implementation of NIPT
  7. Could we have a copy of your care pathway?
  8. Are tests undertaken in the first or second trimester?
  9. What resources are used e.g. separate areas designated for clinics, consumables, consultant,  midwives & nursing time?
  10. Do you also cover patients outside of your catchment areas?
  11. What is included within governance and standard operating procedures?
  12. Are any other treatments provided?  If yes please state what they are
  13. Why was the service set up?  Is it part of maternity baseline activities or was there a business case? can we have a copy?




We do not currently offer this but will be setting it up this year.