Reference 2018-521

REF:           2018-521

Subject:       Appointment, Catchment and Employee Information



Please could I request the following under for the FOI act;


The estimated catchment population for the trust (for 2017)


Employee information

    • Number of each healthcare type*s in the hospital
      • Average (contracted) number of hours worked per month per employee type
  • Average Salary for each healthcare type



Appointment Information

  • Appointments;

Number of scheduled in person appointments


  • Average appointment time (if scheduled or recorded) for each health care type in each department for each type of appointment
        • Or department recommended


All information for the  date range; 2017 January – December 2017 (inclusive)

  • Segmented monthly for all data requested if possible


The aim of collecting this information is to understand the allocation of financial resources on human capital within the trust.


I have defined Health-care types below for your ease


*Health-care types;  Foundation Doctor (FY1), Foundation Doctor (FY2), Registrar, Associate Specialist, Consultant Medical,Consultant Surgical




We asked for clarification and never received a reply therefore the request has been closed.