Reference 2018-589

REF:           2018-589

Subject:       Uniforms



  • Please advise the total cost of nursing uniforms for financial year 2016-17 and 2017-18?
  • Different grades (Bands) of nursing staff wear distinctly coloured uniforms; please provide information regarding the different coloured uniforms used for each grade of nursing staff?
  • How much does the Trust pay per “NHS” LOGO?
  • What is the delivery time of uniform per order from your supplier?
  • Do you order 100% cotton Scrubs? If you do what is annual spend and usage of 100% cotton Scrubs. What colour scrubs do you order?
  • Who is your current provider for uniforms? When does the contract end?
  • Would you change providers if you can make 15% – 25% savings on uniforms?
  • Who is the Buyer for uniforms within your Trust? Please provide name, email address and telephone number.




Please find information attached.

2018-589 – FOI Request – Uniforms [115 kb] PDF

Uniform policy [286 kb] PDF