Reference 2018-96

REF:            2018-96

Subject:        Treatment of neonates




Please can I make a new Freedom of Information request, which concerns the care of new-born babies you look after on the neonatal side of care (neonatal unit/post-natal ward/transitional care etc.)?

For each of the hospitals in your trust that treat new-born babies, please can you provide any information you hold (such as protocol, local guidelines/advice etc.), on when a new-born baby would normally receive a lumbar puncture when you are worried about an infection or sepsis. I am particularly interested if there is a local CRP (C-reactive protein) blood level at which a lumbar puncture is usually done.




We would ordinarily do a lumbar puncture in the setting of possible neonatal sepsis when the CRP rises above 20.


We may perform an LP when the CRP is less than 20 if clinical circumstances dictate but we uniformly will LP when above 20.