Reference 2019-130

REF:           2019-130

Subject:       Disposable nappies



For the financial year 2018/19 or the calendar year 2018-2019, whichever is more convenient, please provide the following information.

1. Do you distribute any free promotional disposable nappies (such as Pampers) or reusable nappies to parents at any services, including (but not exhaustive of) antenatal, maternity, midwife, post-natal and family services?

If the answer is yes to 1, please answer questions 2-6.

2. Which disposable or reusable nappy brand do you allow to distribute their promotional nappies?

3. Which services are they distributed at and how many parents use these facilities annually?

4. How frequently a year have these disposable or reusable nappy brands been able to distribute their promotional material at these services?

5. What is the process for allowing disposable or reusable nappy brands to distribute at your services and who signs it off?

6. Is there any remuneration for the NHS from these disposable or reusable nappy brands for distributing their promotional material?




We do not supply any free promotional disposable nappies.