Reference 2019-165

REF:           2019-165

Subject:       Assisted suicide and euthanasia assessments



Please can you provide me with a copy of, or details of the assessment that your organisation has carried out on the impact of changing the law to allow assisted suicide or euthanasia, in particular, I am keen to see how this will impact the following:


a) A possible reduction, or redeployment of clinical staff away from palliative care?

b) Any possible financial savings?

c) Figures on the numbers of people who might opt to end their lives this way?

d) Any assessment of how this will impact on your organisation’s suicide reduction plan?

e) Any assessment of how this will impact on the mental health of your staff?

f) Any assessment of additional costs associated with possible litigation against both medical staff and your organisation?




We have not yet undertaken any assessment or analysis of the impact this would have.