Reference 2019-169

REF:            2019-169

Subject:        Anaesthetic department figures




  1. What is your overall anaesthetic consultant headcount?
  2. What is your whole time equivalent anaesthetic consultant headcount?
  3. How many SPAs do you provide at appointment as the basic level to anaesthetic consultants? Please do not include any additional SPAs people may receive for additional responsibility.
  4. Do you require anaesthetic consultants to offer an additional PA if they wish to undertake private practice?
  5. What was your total wage bill for additional work undertaken by consultants in the financial year 2017/18? This should also include any work where the consultant was ‘acting down’.
  6. Does the figure provided in (5) include employers NI or pension contributions? Is so, what is the total for employers NI and pension?
  7. Please can you provide a breakdown of all the rates of pay you offer consultants for any additional work they undertake outside of their job plan, for example, additional lists, or covering additional on-call duties?




Please find information attached.

2019-169 – FOI Request – Anaesthetic department figures [137 kb] PDF