Reference 2019-508

REF:            2019-508

Subject:        Agency & Bank Spend 



  1. Please can you advise on total spent on bank & agency by the Trust in the period 17/18 and 18 year to date by staff group in the below table?
Staff Type 2017-2018 2018-to date Outsourced Bank? Outsourced Bank Provider Name
(if applicable)
Bank Contract Expiry Date
Agency Bank Agency Bank      
Admin & Clerical         Y/N    
Nursing & Midwifery         Y/N    
Allied Health Professionals/Healthcare Scientists         Y/N    
Medical & Dental         Y/N    


  1. Additionally, please can you also advise on whether the Trust uses Direct Engagement for Medical & Dental, if so who the provider is and when the contract is due to expire?




Please find information attached.

2019-508 – FOI Request- Agency & Bank Spend [144 kb] PDF